I Am Not A Monster Single Player Campaign Slated For Launch Later This Year

I Am Not A Monster: First Contact
I Am Not A Monster: First Contact Alawar Entertainment

I am Not a Monster officially announced that a single player campaign will be released in the second half of 2019. If you like killing monsters solo, and interested to know how the story of Albatross evolves, the new single-player campaign edition dubbed First Contact is what you need!

The narrative turn-based strategy game I Am Not a Monster tells the story of the humans aboard the starship Albatross, which is invaded by alien monsters who can take human form. The humans fight off the attack, but being unable to tell who the real aliens are complicates the situation. The multiplayer game featuring Captain Laser, the famous space battle hero, was released in 2018.

With First Contact on the way, here are the features of the full solo campaign edition that players can look forward to:

  • Several Main Characters
    • Even passengers have to act bravely on the ship invaded by monsters!
    • You will play eight characters during the game on different levels and see the story from the point of view of each of them.
  • 30+ Levels
    • As you progress through the levels you will learn the story through different mechanics and from different angles.
    • It is impossible to predict what is waiting for you at the next level!
  • Multiplayer
    • Completed the story? Challenge your friends in a multiplayer mode with randomly assigned roles of Monsters and Heroes.

Aside from the sci-fi tactical party game campaign’s recently released teaser trailer, Cheerdealers Producer Stanislav Stepchenko provided an excerpt narrative to give us a hint on what’s in store for First Contact:

“Captain Laser, a famous hero of space battles, is once again invaded by vicious monsters... he fights them off, protecting all the passengers and starship crew," Stepchenko wrote. "There’s something different about this battle, though; it just doesn’t feel the same to him; there is more than meets the eye... As the narrative continues, he will soon learn the true nature of these monsters, thus revealing hidden secrets about the other passengers.”

First Contact promises approximately 10 hours of exciting gameplay. Pre-registration for the closed beta officially opened on June 17, with invites going out this July. All interested players can sign up here.

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