Hyrule Warriors Expansion Pass Launches This Week

Hyrule Warriors Expansion
Hyrule Warriors Expansion Nintendo

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity will be getting new content via an expansion pass, Nintendo announced during the company’s E3 presentation.

The game will receive two waves of downloadable content - the first one to be available just a few days from now.

The First Wave

Pulse of the Ancients will be the first wave of downloadable content and it is set to launch on June 18.

Here are the things you can expect from this expansion:

  • New playable character: Battle-tested Guardian
  • New weapons: Flail (Link) and Master Cycle (Zelda)
  • New Apocalyptic difficulty setting
  • New challenges available in the Royal Ancient Lab
  • New challenging enemies: Giant Chuchu, Higher ranking Wizzrobes, Bomb-throwing Moblin, and more
  • Take on new foes in the new “Dangerous Specimen” Boss Battles

Head over to the Royal Ancient Lab as new challenges await you. Completing these challenges will reward you with new weapons and features, so be sure to finish them as soon as the DLC is available.

For people who think that the game is quite easy, a new “Apocalyptic” difficulty setting will be added. From the sounds of it, you are going to have a hell of a time.

Speaking of a challenging time, you can take on new foes in the new “Dangerous Specimen” boss battles. It seems that you are going to fight waves of enemies until a boss character arrives on the battlefield.

The Second Wave

The second wave of the DLC is called Guardian of Remembrance arriving in November.

Although details are sparse at the moment, here are some of the things you can expect:

  • New stages
  • New character vignettes
  • An expanded roster
  • New battle skills for the current roster of characters

The Expansion Pass

There are a lot of new things in store for players who will get the expansion pass. It costs only $20 and will open both the Pulse of the Ancients and Guardian of Remembrance DLCs.

Furthermore, if you do purchase the expansion pass, you will also have access to the Prototype Ancient Equipment and Prototype Ancient Sword for Link.

Are you excited about the upcoming DLCs?

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