Hearthstone Kobolds And Catacombs Hunter Spell Causes Community Uproar

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to my side
To My Side! More like straight to dust! Blizzard

With every Hearthstone expansion, there are bound to be a few bad cards. Kobolds And Catacombs is no exception. Though nobody outside of Blizzard HQ has played with the set, fans on reddit and forums have already decided a new card from Kobolds And Catacombs is just plain trash. Some cards ascend to a whole new level, that seem so utterly miserable on paper that there’s no way they could be real. Like Purify from One Night In Karazhan, To My Side looks like an utter disaster. For six-mana, you get one Huffer, Loatheb or Misha. If you have no minions in your deck, then you get two.

To Hearthstone aficionados, this card seems comically awful. Hunters rely heavily on minions like Crackling Razormaw and Savannah Highmane to be successful. Without them, Rexxar has no identity, a class that has no real pushing power, board clear or presence. On top of all that, you aren’t even saving any mana by using this card instead of Animal Companion. Instead, it just wastes mana on turns that can cost you the game.

Hunter is currently viewed as the least-effective class in the game and To My side feels like a slap in the face to players who have been waiting to break out Kill Command again. Face Hunter was my original Hearthstone love. Rexxar was the first hero I played 600 times and earned a Golden portrait. I’ve been waiting for what feels like years to be able to bring Eaglehorn Bow back to the Ranked ladder and earn Legend again.

Users on reddit have been going wild with To My Side and created some truly ever-lasting memes. WarnerHS believes that it’s the worst card Hearthstone has ever released: “Team 5 gave Hunter to its interns and it's a damn shame.” Some players have been a bit more creative in their criticism, pointing out how ridiculous this card seems to most.

DumbElephant can’t wait to add Weasel Tunneler to his deck so Hunter can’t get anything out of this card. Of course, nobody actually runs this 1/1 Beast, but if any card can give it a reason to flourish, I’m all for it.

On DCInside, a Korean user couldn’t bear to see this card exist, so they created a new animal companion called “2.” Asia out-memes everyone with a 20/20 Beast that anyone would love to get for six mana.

pooper scrooper
This card sums up my feelings pretty well. Photo: Gatekeeper1310 via Reddit

My favorite responses are all the custom cards that salty players have posted to mock Rexxar’s new F-tier spell. Gatekeeper1310 created a Legendary weapon that can rival Uther’s Oathbringer: the Pooper Scooper. It shovels shit directly into player’s hands, also known as a spell from Kobolds.

The ultimate clown fiesta creation has to go to Metroney, who memed so hard, Hearthstone’s Principal Designer Mike Donais responded. “Lets not go crazy pretending we know all the cards in the set and have played with them a bunch already,” Donais writes, which is absolutely true. Half the set in Kobolds and Catacombs is still unknown, so maybe To My Side will be better than we expect.

Personally, I don’t see To My Side being as bad as many online seem to think. Hearthstone cards tend to age like a fine wine, getting better as more card support gets introduced in future sets. A secret Hunter that uses only spells to keep board control could be viable with the right support and that might be exactly what Blizzard has in store for my favorite class.

Fun Fact: If you attack with a weapon while you have no spells in your deck as Rexxar, he says “I hunt alone!”

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