Hunt: Showdown Update 1.9 Live on Test Servers

Hunt Showdown
Hunt Showdown Crytek

A major update was released yesterday for test servers of Hunt: Showdown. Update 1.9 brings new additions, tweaks, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

The patch improves local and remote player movement, which should address desync issues. Bounty Hunt matches will now end a little earlier, with its match timer reduced to 45 minutes from the previous 60 minutes. Several other changes are made, and you can read the rest of the highlights below.

Ping Limit
  • A new maximum ping limit is set for 225ms.
  • Every player will be able to connect and play on at least one server region. Some will have other options available to them, but the aim is to ensure that no one is completely locked out due to their location or slow ISP.
  • When playing with friends, the Host (inviter) will choose the region. If someone in the team has a higher latency to the region than 225ms, the party will get a popup that the game may be disrupted due to the high ping. However, the group will still be able to play.
Team Details Screen Improvements
  • We have added some information that is displayed on the Team details screen. This screen will now display actions performed by, and against your partner(s) which will be highlighted with a blue background.
  • Consolidated icons and colors displayed for both inbound and outbound actions (Downed & Killed):
    • Inbound refers to the actions performed against you by enemy hunters, outbound refers to the action against enemy hunter.
    • Inbound icons are the familiar white skull for a downed event, and red skull for killed.
    • Outbound icons are a variant of the inbound, but with a small bullet hole in the head of the skull (right between the eyes).
    • The names of your teammates are now highlighted in blue on the left side of the team details screen.
  • Time stamps have been added to the tooltips for each action for a better understanding when they occurred during a mission.
    • If there are multiple time stamps, the icon is marked with a small yellow symbol on the bottom right corner.
  • Added separate icons for a player carrying either one or two Bounty Tokens.
  • Added a bounty extracted icon to differentiate between players who picked up bounty at least once during a mission and those who extracted with a bounty token.

The complete patch notes are available via Steam.

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