Hunt Showdown: Update 1.6 Now Available

Hunt Showdown DeSalle
Hunt Showdown DeSalle Steam

Hunt Showdown Update 1.6 just dropped to all supported platforms. It introduces many new things, including a new map and changes to the characteristics of certain weapons.

New Map: DeSalle

After tons of community feedback from the beta testing phase, the latest map, DeSalle, is now available.

According to the devs, the new map combines the best features of all previous maps. It is built with industrial and urban areas to make things more exciting.

Because of the added verticality in some areas, this requires certain changes to some guns.

Gun and Ammo Changes

Developer Crytek has increased the max ranges for both long and medium ammo. Long ammo now has a max range of 500 meters, while medium ammo has a max range of 350 meters. The reason is to increase the viability of most guns in the new map.

The devs noticed during the beta phase that headshots at 250 meters, for example, may not result in a killing blow. The boost in the effective range just makes it so that medium and long sniper rifles are more appealing to use in DeSalle.

In addition, the characteristics of some semi-automatic and double-action weapons have been changed. The Dolch and its variants are just some of the weapons impacted by the higher sway value.

This means players must fire their shots in a more controlled manner to hit their enemies accurately. This change will make it easier for the devs to differentiate existing and new weapons with similar characteristics in the future.

UI and Lobby Changes

Stars and Ranking
Stars and Ranking Steam

A new feature was added in Update 1.6 to help players better understand their match ranking after a fight.

There might be instances where players are matched against those who have a higher ranking than them. While several factors are to consider, the unevenness in rank may be attributed to the region.

Since there are more players in the North American and European servers, they are likely to be matched with others with roughly the same skill level.

But because regions like the OCE and South America do not have plenty of players, the uneven matchups are more pronounced and this is just to avoid long queue times or empty games.

To better represent the player’s MMR ranges, stars are added to the game. Stars represent specific rank brackets. For instance, one star means that a player has a rating between 0 and 2000 MMR. Six stars represent a rating between 3000 and 5000 MMR, which is considered the highest tier.

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.6 is a pretty big update, so if you want to know the complete patch notes, you may head over to the game’s official Steam page.

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