Hunt: Showdown PC Update Tweaks FMJ Rounds and Spitzer Ammo, Patch Notes Here

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Hunt: Showdown, the PvPvE first-person game by Crytek, just received a small update for PC. Update makes some balancing changes to the game along with a couple of bug fixes. The patch is around 500 MB in size and should download automatically. After installation, make sure that the version of the game is

Though small, the update makes significant changes to Full Metal Jacket bullets. The developer wants to make FMJ rounds feel different from normal rounds. So from now on, every FMJ round will be able to penetrate two thin metal sheets. They will also retain the majority of their damage output when fired through a wall.

The base damage reduction of FMJ rounds is removed, however, they will still suffer from a slower muzzle velocity. For Slitzer rounds, the bullets can penetrate through two layers of metal sheets, but their base damage remains lower than regular ammo. Stats of some of the ammunition are updated on the store page.

The changes from this update are all important, especially many are about damage and penetration. You can read the complete patch notes below to know which bugs got fixed.

General Updates

Full Metal Jacket

  • FMJ rounds no longer have a base damage reduction over regular ammo. They will still have a slower muzzle velocity.
  • FMJ rounds will now retain more of their damage after the first few wall penetrations.
  • All FMJ rounds will now penetrate through up to two layers of thin metal sheets.


  • Spitzer ammo will retain slightly more damage after the first few wall penetrations. It will still have less base damage than regular ammo.
  • All spitzer rounds will now penetrate through up to two layers of thin metal sheets.


  • Updated some ammunition stats on the store page.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Spider and Assassin to become stuck or die in unreachable positions.
  • Gunplay
  • Fixed an issue where the charge animation for the Winfield Centennial would play faster than intended. The animation will now be in line with the rate of fire.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in some weapon stats showing the incorrect values.


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the incorrect amount of XP being granted for kills. The XP will now be calculated correctly.


  • Fixed a server performance issue that could occur from igniting several oil pools simultaneously.


  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur due to crossbow bolts being stuck in barricaded doors.
  • Fixed several minor localization issues.


  • Fixed an issue where extra info on the death screen could overlap with other UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue that results in the ELO arrows being hidden incorrectly.

You can read the patch notes on the official site as well.

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