Hunt: Showdown Is Leaving Early Access On August 20, Will Get A PS4 Release This Fall

The game is available to play now on the PC and Xbox One.
Hunt: Showdown will finally leave Early Access on August 20, with a PS4 release incoming this fall.
Hunt: Showdown will finally leave Early Access on August 20, with a PS4 release incoming this fall. Crytek

The bounty-hunting free for all Hunt: Showdown will be leaving its early access phase soon, and along with it comes a full PS4 release before the end of 2019, developer and publisher Crytek announced.

The first-person monster hunting game, which has been in Steam’s Early Access, will be getting its launch version come August 20. The title has been in Early Access for around 18 months, during which it received 20 major updates that introduced new weapons, monsters, maps and a lot more, preparing the game for its final, polished release.

For those who haven’t heard of the game yet, Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer bounty hunting, monster-killing, first person shooter which combines elements from the FPS and survival genre and creates a match-based format out of it.

Hunt: Showdown's most popular game mode, which you can either play solo or duo with a friend, is called Bounty Hunt. You are part of a group of experienced bounty hunters, dropped in the middle of the monster infested Louisiana swamplands. Your goal is to do what you do best: rid the world of these abominations and get paid for it. However, you’re just one of many other players (or teams) vying for the title of the best bounty hunter in the whole of Louisiana. Other bounty hunters are also with you, looking to find their own glory. If you get too excited and kill too many monsters, you may get better gear and weapons, but you also get a huge target on your head. Other players can choose to hunt you down and take everything that you’ve worked for. Dying in-game is a very unforgiving experience in Hunt: Showdown, as it means that you lose all your precious loot and rewards. But all the experience you’ve gained is kept within your pool of hunters, which are called your Bloodline.

Hunt: Showdown is currently sitting at a Very Positive rating on Steam, thanks to its great visuals and refreshing take on the battle royale genre. It is most certainly a welcome addition for free-for-all fanatics who are looking for the next PUBG or Fortnite, preferably something with a certain dark and edgy quality to it.

The game will release for Windows PC, Xbox One and the PS4 and the price point for Hunt: Showdown is currently set at $39.99. Players who participated in the Early Access version of the game will receive a legendary weapon skin once the final version releases. Through a partnership with Koch Media, Crytek will also release a retail version which will be rolled out worldwide.

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