Humankind “Metternich Update” Now Live; New Content, Balancing Changes, and More

HUMANKIND Steam/Amplitude Studios

Humankind players have one good reason to sink several dozen hours into the game once again. The developer has released the massive Metternich Update that brings a ton of new content. A new currency called Leverage has been added along with Agent Unit Family. Six new wonders and seven new independent people are introduced.

The patch also allows players to loan their armies to their friends. Players can now sign treaties with independent people, and Aztec Jaguar Warriors are upgradable to Swordsmen. The highlights of the update are mentioned below.

ADDITIONS - Together We Rule Expansion Pack
  • New feature: Inter-empire Forum: Congress of Humankind
  • New Currency: Leverage
  • New Quarter: Embassy (unlocking new interactions with other empires)
  • New Unit Family: Agent
  • 6 New Cultures with a New Affinity: Diplomatic
  • 6 New Wonders
  • 15 New Narrative Events (including 4 inter-empire events)
  • 7 New Independent People
  • New In-Game Themed Music Tracks composed By Arnaud Roy
  • New stealth system! Stealth units are now concealed until their stealth value reaches zero in enemy territories.
  • Third party reinforcement! You can loan your armies to help your allies in battle.
  • New Independent People system! You can now sign treaties with Independent People.
  • Updated main screen UI! A few UI elements have been moved around the main UI for a clearer experience.
  • Independent People now spawn Armies less often on Hamlet, Town and Metropolis difficulties.
  • Modified the formula to lower Civic Enact costs when many Civics had already been enacted (average reduction of -50% to costs).
  • Lowered the Influence gains of the Aesthete "Culture Bomb" ability, especially on territories with many neighboring territories.
  • Reworked the effects of the Authority domestic ideology to provide extra Stability on Garrisons (instead of deprecated "Detection Range").
  • New Effects for the "Colonization" Civic: Vassal Colonies choice now gives bonus Money and Industry on cities founded on a new Continent, while the Naturalized Colonies choice gives bonus Stability on cities founded on a new Continent.
  • Aztec Jaguar Warriors can now be upgraded from Swordsmen.

Humankind: Metternich Update squashes several dozen bugs as well. You can read about all the technical stuff via Steam.

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