Humankind: "Jigonhsasee" Update Improves Challenges and AI

Humankind Jigonhsasee Update
Humankind Jigonhsasee Update Twitter/@humankindgame

The Jigonhsasee update for Humankind is now live. It brought some notable improvements, particularly in the way lines of sight work and better AI.


One of the things that you will notice right away is that the units on the battlefield now have better lines or borders. For instance, if you’ve selected one of your units and the enemy is within range, you can now see a red border telling you that you can attack them without a hitch.

The latest update improves the game’s AI as well. The AI is now better at gathering fame, managing pollution, claiming territories, and more proficient in forging alliances and making diplomatic camps.

For challenges, you can see them more clearly when you are on the Main Menu. Also, detailed tooltips have been added so that you will know what rewards you’re going to get when completing the challenges.

Patch Highlights

  • Improved the way lines of sight are feedbacked in battle
  • Added the ability to use Avatar rewards as AI opponents, including La Catrina
  • Improved AI: military strategic planning (armies management, reinforcement, bombing, disembarkment)
  • Added settings for colorblind modes once the game is launched
  • Improved the feedback when the player is not connected to G2G while trying to complete a challenge
  • Fixed an issue where a stuck with errors in the loading screen is encountered under specific conditions (single and multiplayer)
  • Fixed an issue where a stuck with an error message occurred in-game under specific conditions (single and multiplayer)
  • Fixed an issue where an error is generated when the player attempts to edit the settings for a competitor for the first time on a fresh install
  • Fixed an issue where an error is generated after pressing the "Locate the Event" button of an Osmosis Event notification during late-game
  • Fixed an issue where challenge availability can be modified by changing the computer date and time
  • Fixed an issue where no information is provided to players that the challenge feature is available and can be unlocked by signing into G2G
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling the map for a prolonged period leads to a grayed out "edge"
  • Fixed an issue where City Population models flicker
  • Fixed an issue where no end conditions are assigned to the "default" condition preset on the first run until the preset is re-selected
  • Fixed an issue where the turn symbol is displayed twice inside the pollution's tooltip

Humankind Jigonhsasee update is now available on Google Stadia and PC.

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