Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Penis Gift Revealed In Lost Howard Stern Interview

Do these new set photos show wolverine's clone, X-23? Fox

In a recently unearthed interview with Howard Stern from 2009, Hugh Jackman revealed some shots of him from X-Men Origins: Wolverine showed him as naked as a newborn babe. And it turns out, the footage didn’t stay on the cutting room floor. Well, look at that shrimp on the barbie! Talk about putting the “man” in adamantium!

Anyway, Jackman was promoting X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Stern pointed out there was a scene that features his character moving down a waterfall while nude. The actor said he wasn’t bothered about baring all in front of the camera, but that the footage had to be cut in order to secure the film’s PG-13 rating. Jackman was offered a small garment to wear during filming, “just like, a sock to go over my pubes,” but he declined the offer, telling Stern, “it’s just like college.” (In Australia, all colleges and universities are clothing-optional.)

When production was complete, the actor received the gift that inspired a thousand slash fictions: a big bag of naked Wolverine peen."My wrap gift from the director was a bag which had all the film cut off with my dick in it," Jackman said. "So, I got frames of film, and I am looking, going, 'OK, hello!'" As of press time the whereabouts of the bag are unknown, but actively hunted.

The release of Logan has given rise to an unusual bounty of X-men penis news of late. Professor Xavier himself recently made a pretty mind-boggling confession about his own bits on The Graham Norton Show.

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You can check out the full 75-minute interview with Stern below. The dong chat begins around the 6:30 mark. In typical Stern fashion, he asks for specifics -- and gets them.

Would you like to see the uncensored version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Well, you can’t. But do feel free to talk about it all you like in the comments below.

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