HTC Vive Wireless Prototype To Be Ready For Demonstration This Fall

HTC Vive headset
HTC Vive headset Fionna Agomuoh

Future iterations of the HTC Vive may come without the clunky train of wires protruding from the back of the virtual reality headset. A new partner, Quark VR, has teamed up with Valve and HTC to free the Vive from its many strings.

The Bulgarian VR startup recently announced plans to showcase a prototype of the wireless HTC Vive this fall. Instead of an extensive set of wires that fall to the floor, Quark’s “gadget” would connect to the HTC Vive, while a transmitter would reside in a user’s pocket. This configuration will allow a PC and HTC Vive to communicate via Wi-Fi. There would be a single wire connecting the Quark gadget and the transmitter; however, the technology would resolve the issue of the Vive’s current wire setup being cumbersome for fluid use.

Quark VR’s co-founder, Georgi Georgiev, noted in a blog post that the biggest challenge the company is trying to overcome is ensuring that Vive maintains a constant connection for a seamless VR experience with no connection delay. Such latency is what can cause users to become sick in VR . However, Quark is close to resolving the issue.

There is no word on exactly when the wireless HTC Vive prototype will be available for demonstration.

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