How To Transfer Data From 3DS To New Nintendo 2DS XL

new nintendo 2ds xl screen
The New Nintendo 2DS XL is available now Nintendo

With the New Nintendo 2DS XL handheld system available now, players who own one of the older handhelds from the 3DS family may want to transfer their game and save data to the new system.

While Nintendo doesn’t make it too easy to transfer the data between 3DS systems, transferring to the New Nintendo 2DS XL is rather simple in comparison because there is no backplate to unscrew. This is one of the little improvements that made us love the new system.

If you’re simply transferring data from the SD Card in your old 3DS system to the New 2DS XL, here are step-by-step instructions to transfer your data.

If you need a visual, check out Nintendo’s official video tutorial on how to transfer between 3DS systems. This video doesn’t include the New 2DS XL but the process is still the same. We will update the video if Nintendo puts out another.

  • Complete the initial setup on the New 2DS XL, but do not create a Nintendo ID. It will be transferred from your old 3DS during the system transfer process.

  • Go into System Settings, then Other Settings, and select System Transfer on both systems.

  • Choose transfer from a system in the 3DS family on both systems.

  • Choose "send from this system" on the old 3DS, and "receive from Nintendo 3DS" on your New 2DS XL.

  • The two systems will search for each other over a wireless connection. Choose the transfer target on your old 3DS. The target system should be labelled with the name you assigned to your New 2DS XL.

  • Confirm that you are OK to transfer the data, removing your personal data from the old 3DS, and initiate the transfer.

  • Choose "Delete" on the New 2DS XL when it asks if you want to overwrite the data on the New 2DS XL's microSD card.

  • When your New 2DS XL asks if you've used any other microSD cards in your system, select "No."

  • Confirm whether the SD card in the old 3DS is the standard size or a microSD card.

  • Your old 3DS will then ask how you wish to transfer your data to the New 2DS XL. "Wireless Transfer" will only transfer your personal information to the New 2DS XL.

  • To transfer data from your old SD card to your new microSD card, select "PC-Based transfer." Your 3DS system will then begin to transfer data from the system memory to your New 2DS XL, which can take anywhere from five to 10 minutes.

  • Once the transfer is complete, shut down both systems. Remove the SD card from your old 3DS and from the New 2DS XL. The SD Card slot is located on the bottom of the New 2DS XL (where the game cartridge is inserted). Insert the SD card from the old 3DS into the New 2DS XL and turn the system on.

Were you able to transfer the data from your old 3DS system to the New 2DS XL with no problems? Let us know in the comments section below.

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