How To Start An eSports Team

How To Start An eSports Team
How To Start An eSports Team Pixabay

If you enjoy gaming, but you miss someone to share it with, you should consider starting an eSports team. It might take some time, but it is worth the effort, as it is just much more fun to share a gaming experience. Here is how you get started establishing an eSports team.

Whether you like to play Call of Duty or League of Legends, you might already have figured out how more fun it can be if you play several players together. Esports has helped fans get through the lockdown and it is due to the social quality of gaming and how this environment feels like a family. If you want to gather people for a gaming team, there are some things you should remember, and the following presents a guide on how to get started.

Recruiting players

You might already have some players that you have gamed with, you should naturally reach out to them to try to get a team together. Recruiting players can be difficult depending on whether you have a large network or not. If not some of your gaming buddies might have, you should never be too shy to ask and see what happens. The team players you gather should have the same ideas on how much time you put into the team, your goals, and finally what game you want to excel in. Establishing a sense of team spirit can be difficult from the very beginning but it is important that everyone is heard and that you try to find a common language and tone. To make this work, you should find someone who wants to engage and develop in gaming like yourself.

Finding a great team name

No great team without a great name. It is no coincidence that almost everybody knows what Team Liquid and Natus Vincere are. Naturally, they are both very skilled teams with great performances, but they have also managed to find unique and memorable names. This is important if you want to be successful as an eSport team across countries and languages. Some have chosen funny names that are no less memorable like the team Ninjas in Pyjamas. The team should always pick something that seems right to them. There is a thin line between the fun and the good names, and it is not necessarily easy to find. If you need input or ideas, you can use to generate a cool name. Here you will be able to get a lot of ideas for cool and unique names to throw around with your team.

Choose one game

To be able to be successful you should decide to focus on one game. By doing this you will have a greater chance to rise to the top. Like everything else in a team, this must be a decision that you agree on. Which can be quite difficult. Some might be more stubborn than others, but everyone will have an opinion on the matter. You might have to go through some discussions before you have the final decision. When you have decided on one game, you should make sure to keep updated with all the new features and possibilities in it. For example, how to configure the new echo shot gun in Call of Duty. It is important to keep updated to be able to compete.

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