How ‘Iron Fist’ & ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Lines Up ‘The Defenders’

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'The Defenders' Netflix series releases after 'Iron Fist.' Netflix

Iron Fist is the last series to release before The Defenders premieres later in 2017. Danny Rand will team up with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to save New York City from and impending threat. So what’s coming next? Iron Fist expanded on the villains of Daredevil Season 2 and brought back some important characters from Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Here's all the clues we have so far about how Iron Fist sets up The Defenders.


Allies and enemies are set. Colleen Wing is Danny’s partner and Claire Temple is slowly but surely learning how to fend for herself. Claire tagging along with Danny and Colleen to China in Iron Fist was a bit much, but it proved her dedication to The Defenders. She kept mentioning her ‘special’ friends, Luke and Matt, but Danny never asked any questions about them. Hopefully, Claire will insist on a proper meeting once Danny and Colleen get back from Ku’n-Lun. Danny can also give Luke Cage his shirt back.

ironfist kunlun
Danny and Colleen Wing visit K'un-Lun, but the city is gone. Photo: Netflix

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There are two factions of The Hand that we know of--Madame Gao’s ‘rogue’ group and a larger group. It’s unclear if the Hand faction Nobu ran in Daredevil is the same as Bakuto’s, though they are both interested in draining blood in dark, dirty basements. Gao isn’t involved in the blood draining part. From what we know, her only agenda is the synthetic heroin and being a creepy stalker who is interested in anyone with ties to mysticism and special abilities. Since Danny saw Ku’n-Lun has vanished and The Hand was there, he’s going to come back to New York with a vengeance. Whether or not Gao’s agenda will become clear in The Defenders remains to be seen, but considering she was a large part of Daredevil too, her presence seems mandatory.

madame gao iron fist episode 13
Madame Gao spies on Davos and Joy Meachum with a smirk on her face in the final scene of 'Iron Fist.' Photo: Netflix


After delivering a stellar opening statement during Frank Castle’s trial in Daredevil Season 2, Foggy proves himself as a solo attorney.  He goes from Matt’s self-conscious right hand man to a respected lawyer. Jeri Hogarth, who also appeared in Iron Fist, personally offers him a job for cases dealing with supernatural humans. It’s only a matter of time before Foggy meets her other powered clients. With Nelson and Murdock out of business and Hogarth as Danny’s lawyer, it’s also safe to assume they will both be great allies to The Defenders. Danny desperately needs Hogarth’s help to take back control of Rand and eliminate the influence of The Hand in the company, especially since Joy is plotting against him and Harold Meachum may still be alive.

Jeri Hogarth in 'Jessica Jones.' Photo: Marvel


If Iron Fist made one thing clear, it’s that he and Daredevil should be allies. Danny is at the same place Daredevil was in the Season 2 finale. He’s found out The Hand is doing some crazy shit and has no idea what to do about it. So will The Defenders finally tell us what’s up with Elektra, The Hand and Black Sky?

elektra daredevil
Elektra is in The Hand's custody. Photo: Marvel

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Stick (the leader of a Hand opposition group called The Chaste) hid Elektra’s destiny as Black Sky from her for her entire life. What kind of evil weapon is The Black Sky and why would Stick need to protect Elektra from her own ‘destiny’? In the final scene, we see Elektra’s dead body in a stone coffin surrounded by The Hand. It’s safe to assume Elektra is coming back to life, and it probably has something to do with those zombie kids who had their blood drained by The Hand in Daredevil. ..and the huge, deep, hole in the ground we saw at the Midland Circle construction site. What’s in the hole The Hand is protecting? We never saw the hole again and Daredevil never mentioned it, which means it could have something to do with the villains of The Defenders.

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Defenders will first meet at Midland Circle (the location of this mysterious hole). Photo: Netflix

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