How To Get Snapchat Spectacles: Where In The World Is Snapbot

Snapchat Spectacles Verge

The newest generation of wearable tech is here, called the Snapchat Spectacles. The app that allows you to send brief video messages to friends, now has a physical product to go along with it. These aren’t your normal, everyday sunglasses; the Spectacles have a camera on the side that allows you to take up to 10-seconds of video to post to Snapchat. Each pair goes for $130 and comes in an assortment of colors, like black and teal, which should appease even the trendiest millennial.

If you want a pair of Spectacles, it isn’t going to be easy.  Finding a pair in the real world can be quite the journey and they can go from anywhere between $300 and $1000 on ebay. In order to buy a pair from Snapchat, you either have to go to NYC and visit their pop-up store on 59th st, or find a Snapbot out in the wild. Snapbots are bright yellow vending machines that can pop up anywhere in the world. Snapchat even dumped one at the bottom of the Grand Canyon to see the lengths people would go to get themselves a pair.

If you want to visit a Snapbot, get ready to wait on a giant line. In NYC, people are waiting six hours in the cold just to get their hands on one. The traveling Snapbot's lines are just as long; Phillip Defranco made one of his underlings wait three hours in the sun to get a couple of pairs in Venice Beach, CA.

Finding a Snapbot is a lot easier than you’d think. Every 48 hours, a new Snapbot is put somewhere in the world. When the Snapbot closes down for the day, a 24-hour counter starts on the Spectacles website. When the countdown reaches zero, the location of the next Snapbot will appear.

The next Snapbot where you can buy Snapchat Spectacles will be at the Florida State University Campus in Tallahassee, Florida.

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