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Microsoft Flight Simulator is an excellent simulator game on its own, but fans might have wondered why the game doesn't have a career mode, which would have made the plane piloting adventure even more fun. Lucky for you, there's now an app that lets you create your career mode in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

This new app, or you may even call it a mod, is called NeoFly. NeoFly has to be installed separately on your computer and it doesn't mess with your game files. The mod's only task is to offer a virtual career mode that Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn't offer. The career mode offered by NeoFly tasks players with completing flights to earn money. The catch is that if you crash your plane, you'll need to buy a new one. Moreover, you can't just start your career with an advanced aircraft. You'll need to level up before getting your hands on the big machines.

NeoFly NeoFly

In the career mode, you'll initially be put in control of the Cessna 152 aircraft. You'll use this plane to complete tasks, and there are quite a bunch of them. Tasks include cargo shipping, flying passengers, express delivery, emergency help, VIP missions, sensitive cargo, pizza delivery, and secret passengers. There are also various ranks that you can earn as you progress through the career mode, which include Cadet, Second Officer, First Officer, Captain, and Senior Captain.

It's quite impressive to see how a small mod can add so much to an already brilliant flight simulator game. The mod is currently available in beta and, with the recent update, you'll be able to hire pilots that can complete missions using your unused planes, along with the addition of two long-distance missions, a mission reset button, and increased rewards for completing emergency and pizza delivery missions.

NeoFly is a completely free mod that you can download from here. However, you can choose to support the creator via a donation if you would like.

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