Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets Improved Washington Landmarks Via Mods

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Drzewiecki Design, a third-party developer that specializes in add-ons, has recently added major Washington D.C. landmarks in Microsoft Flight Simulator. These landmarks look absolutely stunning in Microsoft's immersive flight sim.

Mods in video games allow players to spice up their games a little bit. Some mods can even change how a game looks and plays. While some mods are created for adding some silliness to games, others can actually make a game look more aesthetically pleasing.

The majority of the time spent playing Microsoft Flight Simulator is looking at the breathtaking landscapes and points of interest. Newcomers typically love to find their own house in the game before flying across the world. Since Flight Simulator isn't fully handcrafted and relies on algorithms to create in-game locations, some locations and landmarks don't look exactly as expected. Before Drzewiecki Design created the add-on mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the White House was seemingly missing. While the Lincoln Memorial was visible, the area around it felt empty.

Now, with Drzewiecki Design's add-on mod, pilots who choose to install the mod can bring up missing landmarks and points of interest such as bridges, trains, monuments, and explorable stadiums in Washington D.C. The mod is called Washington Landmarks MSFS and it includes about 1,500 new buildings and locations such as locations in the East End, West End, Crystal City, and Waterfront. Players can even enter the White House, with inhabitants inside. However, Drzewiecki's website doesn't state whether or not the inhabitants will change based on November's election results.

The add-on package also includes certain enhancements including Joint Base Andrews, Potomac Airport, College Park Airport, and Washington Executive Airport. Additionally, players will also find a dozen new helipads and helicopters as part of the Flight Simulator package. While most mods are free of cost, this particular mod comes with a small $17.99 price tag.

Drzewiecki Designs' website also has a Moscow landmarks package, which includes approximately one thousand custom-made landmarks and building such as domes, churches, monuments, and train stations.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on PC. The Xbox One version is releasing soon.

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