How To Download Breath Of The Wild: Motorcycle Link DLC

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Link on Pimp My Ride
Link on Pimp My Ride (c) Nintendo

Excited to experience Link riding an ancient motorcycle in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ? So are we. So how do you download the motorcycle DLC, which is actually titled “Champion’s Ballad”? Simple enough.

Open the Nintendo Switch eShop and find the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild page. At the bottom of the page is an option to purchase the expansion pass for $19.99.

Once purchased, the DLC should start downloading.

If you experience problems with downloading Breath of the Wild ’s latest DLC, Nintendo has provided these steps to help resolve your issues.

If it still doesn’t show up:

  • Go to “Downloadable Content” > “Nintendo eShop” and redownload the DLC

  • Exit and restart the software for the DLC to appear in the game menu.

To redownload the DLC:

  • Go to the Nintendo eShop with the Nintendo Account that purchased the DLC

  • Select your icon in the upper right corner

  • Select “Redownload” on the left side

  • Find the DLC in the list

  • Select the orange icon to start the download.

“Champion’s Ballad” has a new story, new dungeons, and yes,the Master Cycle. It has players look back at the events that occurred before the game’s main storyline and should be a great way to learn more about the legendary Champions we know and love.

There’s also a new weapon titled the “One-Hit Obliterator” that looks like an alternate universe cattle prod. Get ‘em, Link!

At the 2017 Game Awards, director Eiji Aonuma stated, "True to his title as a Champion, Link saves Hyrule from its crisis. However, while the other Champions who fought alongside him all had their own powerful divine beasts to support them, Link did not. What you all just saw at the end of the trailer is a reliable partner for Link. Something you could consider to be his own divine beast. The Master Cycle Zero."

The Master Cycle Zero becomes accessible to Link after completing the never-before-seen dungeon, exploring new shrines and defeating enemies with his fancy cattle prod. There’s also new pieces of clothing, including:

  • Island Lobster Shirt

  • Ravio’s Hood

  • Zant’s Helmet

  • Phantom Ganon Armor

  • Royal Guard Uniform

These pieces of clothing can be found in nine new treasure chests across Hyrule.

All-new DLC, Pimp My Horse
All-new DLC, Pimp My Horse (c) Nintendo

There’s also an Ancient Bridle and Saddle, also located in hidden treasure chests. The Bridle increases the number speed boosts a horse can get from spurs, while the Ancient Saddle makes it so a horse can be hailed from a greater distance.

Important note: in order to play the Champion’s Ballad DLC pack, you must have freed all Divine Beasts.

Have you downloaded the DLC yet? What do you think of “Champion’s Ballad”? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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