How Demon's Souls Remake Is Different From The Original

Demon's Souls Remake
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Among the many remakes and remasters that are coming out this year, fans are especially excited for Demon's Souls. It had been rumored for some time that a Demon's Souls remake was in the works, and now fans are excited to have learned about it from official sources. The Demon's Souls remake is being developed by Bluepoint Games, the same developers who gave us the remake of Shadow of Colossus.

Sony announced in the recent PlayStation showcase earlier this week that Demon's Souls will be a PlayStation 5 launch title for the upcoming console. Fans also got to a gameplay trailer which showed off massive graphical improvements over the original title. However, a YouTuber going by the name ElAnalistaDeBits compared the gameplay shown at the event with the original game and found some interesting differences.

Here is how Demon's Souls remake will be different from the original release:

  • New souls animation
  • Animations are now more detailed and moving
  • Motion blur
  • Bloodstains on the character after combat
  • Improved tesselations on floors
  • No load times
  • Particles added during combat
  • Ray traced reflections
  • Improved UI

There's no doubt that fans were blown away upon seeing a nostalgic PS3 title getting remastered to PS5. Of course, the graphics are stunning, and the fact that the game has no loading screens and uses ray traced reflections should certainly make Demon's Souls an immersive experience. Moreover, the new combat animations and effects will deliver an exceptional combat experience that all soulsborne fans are yearning for.

Although Demon's Souls looks super impressive and it runs as smoothly as shown during the showcase, the game itself will come with challenging difficulty just like the original game. One of the major reasons why Souls games are so popular is because of their combat difficulty and the scope of mastery that a player can achieve. Most longtime Souls veterans will be hoping that the remake plays similar to the 2009 version of the game.

Demon's Souls Remake is launching on November 12 for the PS5.

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