How to Create Legendary Pixel Art NFTs and Market Them Right!

You Don't Need the Hype to Make an NFT Artwork for You
8biticon NFT Pixel avatar maker
8biticon NFT Pixel avatar maker

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is exploding, and they’re all the rage right now. But, many people have this misconception that you need a massive advertising campaign and team to make your NFT collection go wild and worth a lot of money.

That’s simply not true. People are creating their own low-key NFT collections and making a small fortune. Do you catch yourself thinking how is this possible? Well, you are in the right place because we are about to evaluate the iconic 8biticon avatar maker that is now part of the NFT movement. And this is huge!

What’s the NFT Fuss About?

NFTs have been around for quite some time now, but it was only recently that they really took off with OpenSea giving creators a place to easily sell their NFTs. Simply put, an NFT is a token that states that you’re the owner of a piece of digital or physical art. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be art. People have made NFTs of Tweets, t-shirts, property and more.

You can turn anything you imagine into an NFT, as the NFT is just a token that proves ownership of an item. Let’s say that you make an NFT of a banana that you bought from the store. The NFT is a blockchain record that you’re the owner of that banana. So, if you sell the NFT you’ll also have to ship over the banana.

Obviously, this is why the NFT hype is mostly focused on digital artwork as that can be sent along with the token. The interesting part is that most NFTs only become well-known after they’ve been sold. Meaning that the hype is mostly generated by the crypto media after the sale event.

Creating NFTs on 8biticon

Those who are new to the NFT world may not know that you don’t need to be a blockchain expert to create NFTs. Not knowing the basics, people flock to design agencies trying to outsource the collections they have in mind, but those who know, opt for NFT makers instead. Still, minting an NFT by yourself does not mean that it will create buzz.

Avatars made by 8biticon
Avatars made by 8biticon

This is where 8biticon comes in, as it is already a legendary tool that took 8-bit art to the masses back in 2012. From now on it lets its nearly a decade old community to turn the avatars they create into NFTs, whilst the referral program gives out 15% of the minting price from people who click on your link. Referrals aside, it is the 8biticon itself that drew our attention.

Why should 8biticon be your go-to NFT platform?

When you mint an NFT with a third-party service, it just becomes another NFT in a sea of useless images that mean nothing and have no chance to break out. 8biticon changes that because you get access to the original 8-bit art launchpad. Regardless of what you create with it, the tag of an avatar being made with 8biticon, is enough to set you apart. We spoke to the team behind the tool to see why they decided to cap all artwork to only 11,111 pieces and the answer was simple…

“All NFT art is limited to 11,111 pieces because 8biticon was the first 8-bit art maker on the web and since then it is rightfully considered as the origin of the 8-bit NFT trend”

History aside, you don’t need to be a designer to mint amazing NFT art. 8biticon packs enough design elements to create billions of combinations. Hence, it is all down to how one sees a collection, and the flavors you sprinkle it with. Another advantage of minting NFTs on a professional design platform is the infrastructure that comes at no retainer. First, 8biticon is cross integrated with Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace on the web. This means that all your blockchain valuables get automatically displayed to the global audience. Second, are the perks and airdrops that can bring you legendary attributes both within 8biticon , as well as from other NFT platforms that it gets integrated with.

And this is much larger than your average Cryptopunk because you do not buy what already exists, but create your own NFT art with elements that are extensively rare. In fact, closer to non-existent, as if a Ferrari ran a limited series of 3 sports cars based on another limited series that celebrates Enzo Ferrari. Quite special, right?

8biticon is cross integrated with Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace on the web.
8biticon is cross integrated with Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace on the web.

Tips on making a legendary NFT

As if the aforementioned is not enough, there are a few other tricks you should keep in mind going through the design stage. Instead of creating just one artwork, concentrate on coming up with a collection. Such a move diversifies your holdings and gives you a selection of assets to play with. If one of these assets breaks through the noise, the rest will follow. Furthermore, we, the people are all subjected to the herding effect, which stipulates that if we see one NFT artwork from the collection being purchased, we are prone to chase what’s left.

NFTs that change the industry!

Just like with buying crypto, it is never too late to join the NFT movement. Industry specialists state that NFT development is currently at the stage similar to when Bitcoin was below $200. Not only that, it is all about being different and now you are equipped with all the knowledge that lets you create one-of-a-kind NFTs and push them to the market the right way. Riding the hype wave of an already legendary pixel art maker.

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