Horror Night Brings You the Slenderman in Latest DLC

Can you take on the Slenderman?
Can you take on the Slenderman? DeadlyCrow Games SpA

The newest DLC for Horror Night is here and that means everyone must prepare for something new. The Slenderman Takings sees that most famous creepypasta make its official debut to the game. There's a lot of new content for players to be excited about.

Here's what arrived with this new DLC:

  • New Map: The Forest
    • With camping areas, cemetery, sawmill, and a dock.
  • New Killer: Slenderman
    • Has teleportation ability to surprise and stalk his victims.
  • New Survivor Skill: Walkie-Talkie
    • Use it carefully to stun the Slenderman.
    • It takes a few moments to use it again.
  • New Cemetery Puzzle
    • Help the undead to find his body parts and get out of the cemetery.
  • New Exit by the Dock
    • Activate the motor boat to escape.
  • Asymmetric mode
    • Players can hunt all of their friends down through the forest as the Slenderman.
  • Steam Achievements
    • Escape from the slenderwoki to get new achievements.

Horror Night was released to Steam Early Access in February 2022. The players’ goal is to find their way out of an abandoned mansion by solving puzzles while hiding from a terrifying creature. There's also a multiplayer feature where they need to work as a team to complete the objective.

Features of the game include:

  • Solve Puzzles to Escape the Mansion
    • Escape by solving randomized puzzles in the mansion.
    • Players can also escape by completing a hidden ritual that gets them out of the mansion.
    • Remember that not all clues lead to something.
  • Progress
    • Level up to unlock new items.
    • Items can also be obtained through the official Horror Night Store.
  • Multiplayer Video Game
    • Escape with friends and don't let the creature catch them.
    • Get rewarded by helping teammates, solving puzzles, and working as a team.
    • Revive all survivors by bringing their skulls into the resurrection ritual.
  • Play as the Creature
    • Players can choose their favorite skin, improve their skills by eating rats, and crouch for better speed to catch all survivors.
    • Hunt down every single one of them to become the winner.
  • Customization
    • As a Survivor
      • Players can customize their character by selecting from a variety of hairstyles, outfits, accessories, lamps, and more.
    • As the Monster
      • Choose the scariest skin to hunt all players down.
  • New Lobby
    • Waiting for friends to join a match is no longer tedious.
    • Players can now explore much more terrifying surroundings while doing so.
    • They can even speed up the game by simply pressing the new "force start match" lever.
  • Character Selection
    • Play as the monster or as a survivor in this free-to-play asymmetric version.
  • Improved Interaction
    • Interacting with objects is now faster and easier.
  • Teleportation
    • Escape from the Ayuwoki's clutches even faster through portals and wardrobes.
  • New Horror Night Store
    • Acquire new items in the official store.
    • Shop by using real cash like buying gold coins.
    • Players can also finish different missions and objectives within the game to earn silver coins.

Learn more about Horror Night. You can also check out the new DLC.

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