'Horizon Zero Dawn' Power Cells Location: How To Obtain The Invincible Shield-Weaver Armor [VIDEO]

Find out how to collect all Power Cells to unlock the Shield-Weaver armor in 'Horizon Zero Dawn.' Guerrilla Games

Horizon Zero Dawn introduces players to a world taking place in a post-apocalyptic future where biomechatronic machines take over as the dominant beings on our planet. As Aloy, we learn to hunt and survive in this dangerous world. However, there's a very strong item in Horizon Zero Dawn called Shield-Weaver armor and its strength makes Aloy near-invincible.

However, in order for Aloy to acquire this Shield-Weaver armor, she must first gather an item known as Power Cells, which are scattered across the map of Horizon Zero Dawn. In this guide, we share all the Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell locations and explain how players can get the Shield-Weaver armor. Let's get started:

Cavern Ruins in 'A Gift of the Past': You will find the first Power Cell within the cavern from the prologue, "A Gift from the Past," where Aloy first encountered the technological remnants of her ancestors as a little child. Head back to the underground cavern, which is marked as Ruins and marked with a green symbol just east of Mother's Watch.

Run through the underground cavern the way young Aloy did and when you're about three quarter of the way through, you'll find the Power Cell on the other side of some stalactites and stalagmites. Aloy's inner dialogue will as, "I wonder if I can find a way into it, now that I'm older." Smash the natural calcium spikes with your Lance to get through.

Horizon Zero Dawn
'Horizon Zero Dawn' Power Cell located in 'A Gift Of The Past' quest. Photo: Guerrilla Games

All-Mother Temple In 'Womb of the Mountain': In the Womb of the Mountain quest after the Proving, you will find the Power Cell located within All-Mother Temple.

Return to the Temple, slide down the slope, and make your way down the corridor that is off to the right front from the entrance. Turn left when you reach the first small, circular room and you'll find it next to a stone table.

Horizon Zero Dawn
'Horizon Zero Dawn' Power Cell located in 'Womb of the Mountain' quest. Photo: Guerrilla Games

Tower In 'Maker's End': This Power Cell is located inside the Tower from the Maker's End quest. Since you've already scaled the tower for the mission, it's best if you also retrieved the Power Cell after completing the mission. If not, you'll have to make your way up the Tower again. As you reach the rooftop, you'll have to climb to the top of the bronze spire to grab the Power Cell. Give yourself a moment to take in the view.

Horizon Zero Dawn
'Horizon Zero Dawn' Power Cell located in 'Maker's End' quest. Photo: Guerrilla Games

Ruin in 'The Grave-Hoard': The fourth Power Cell cannot be acquired until players complete The Grave-Hoard quest. After entering the ruins, players must solve three spinning disc puzzles, spread across two floors. Once the puzzle is complete, climb a ledge to open a door up and to the left. You'll find a Power Cell as well as medicinal plants on the ground.

Horizon Zero Dawn
'Horizon Zero Dawn' Power Cell located in 'The Grave Hoard' quest. Photo: Guerrilla Games

GAIA Prime in 'The Mountain That Fell': Find the fifth and last Power Cell inside the ruins of GAIA Prime. Aloy goes to GAIA Prime during The Mountain That Fell quest, which isn't until towards the end of the main quests.

When you've made your way past most of the ruin, a zipline will bring you to a rocky area outside. Ignore the waypoint and immediately look behind you once you have dropped from the zipline. You'll see a white item indicator up the ledges. Climb back up to a small cave with a purple glow. The Power Cell is located on a shelf to the right at the end of the cave.

Horizon Zero Dawn
'Horizon Zero Dawn' Power Cell located in 'The Mountain That Fell' quest. Photo: Guerrilla Games

Shield-Weaver Armor in 'Ancient Armory': Now that you have all five Power Cells, it's time to get your hands on that Shield-Weaver armor.

There are two puzzles in the Ancient Armory Quest. Aloy finds a cavern that is an ancient ruin that houses a particular armor. However, in order to remove the armor from its harness, Aloy must insert all the power cells to activate the locks and then solve the puzzle of turning discs.

The first puzzle requires the pink side of the discs - from left to right - to face Up, Right, Down, Left, Up. Next the second puzzle again requires the pink side of the discs to orientate in a certain pattern, this time Right, Left, Up, Right, Left.

The Shield-Weaver armor is yours! This armor is virtually invincible and protects Aloy like nothing else. However, once it has sustained a certain amount of damage, a flashing indicator warns that the armor is low on power and will need a moment to recharge before providing invincibility once again.

For a closer look at the Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell locations and Shield-Weaver guide, check out the gameplay guides from YouTuber RadeeVon and YouTube channel PowerPyx below:

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