For Honor: Massive Trials Changes Implemented in Recent Update

Patch 2.44.0 Ubisoft

Are you thinking of playing For Honor but you are put off by its battle mechanics? If so, the latest update might change your mind. That's because the developers improved the player experience by making major changes in Patch 2.44.0, starting with the inclusion of Apprentice Trials and Warrior Trials as part of the onboarding flow.

Apprentice Trials in For Honor will teach you the fundamentals, such as how to perform a dodge and roll, guard break, and light/heavy attacks. Warrior Trials, on the other hand, is about the more advanced stuff, including parries, feints, and revenge mode, among others.

Another major change in Patch 2.44.0 is that all trials are now unlocked from the beginning. This allows you to skip the aforementioned trials and go directly to the other trials offered in the game.



  • Major Changes
    • Essential knowledge is taught, and frustration elements are reduced throughout the Trials.
    • Stamina Trial is cut (it is instead taught contextually when needed)
    • Scoring and Secondary Objectives are removed (so it no longer tries to teach you to Guard Break after a Parry)
    • Adding a PvAI Dominion match, with the intent of giving new players a way to get familiar with our main game mode (with the safety of fighting only Bots)
    • Added a "How To Play" Dominion page at the start of this PvAI match
  • Rewards
    • New players receive the rewards when all Trials are completed, including the PvAI Dominion match
    • Existing players will still be able to receive any remaining rewards when they have completed all the Trials. This should be much easier (as without the Secondary Objectives, players don't have to win the 1v2 without getting hit)


  • Nuxia
    • Glass Waltz and Jade Ballet are now 300ms (down from 400ms)
    • Heavy attacks now cancel to Glass Waltz at 500ms (up from 400ms)
    • Zone Attack now cancels to Jade Ballet at 700ms (up from 600ms)
  • Warden
    • Side Heavy Finishers are now 800ms (down from 900ms)
    • Side Heavy Finishers now have improved trajectories to help hit external opponents
    • Shoulder Bash now can be done from 100ms to 500ms into the front dodge (was 300ms to 500ms)
  • Hitokiri
    • Opener Heavy Attacks now has Uninterruptible Stance beginning at 500ms at the earliest on the Uncharged Strike
    • Opener Heavy Attacks now has a minimum charge time of 300ms (down from 400ms)
      • This results in the hero's Heavy Openers to have a 700ms timing when not holding down the Heavy Attack button, down from 800ms
    • Adjusted chain timings from Opener Heavy and Chained Heavy attacks to be from 200ms to 400ms (down from 366ms to 400ms)
    • Adjusted Zone Attack's trajectory to better match weapon visuals
    • Heavy Openers now deal 22 damage (from 24)
  • Aramusha
    • Blade Blockade now costs 10 Stamina on Entry (from 5) and 0 Stamina on Exit (from 10)
  • Jormugandr
    • Chain Zone can now be performed while Out of Lock

So, will you be playing For Honor with the recent tweaks to the onboarding experience?

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