For Honor Celebrates Halloween With Monsters Of The Otherworld

Patch 2.23.0 released.
The monsters are here.
The monsters are here. Ubisoft

For Honor has launched its limited-time Halloween event titled Monster of the Otherworld. With this, players should expect to see demons and skeletons on the battlefields. This event starts today, October 22, and runs all the way through November 12.

There’s going to be two limited-time PvP modes. The first one is Endless March, which runs from October 22 to November 5. This is going to be a version of the Dominion game mode, but instead of minions, there’s going to be powerful skeletons.

After that, it’s going to be Spooky Slashers, which runs from November 5 to November 12. In this mode, players need to capture zones to get special buffs. They then use the buffs to destroy demons that are lurking across the map. Players need to be alert, as danger is just around the corner and dying means losing those buffs.

Other features that players can expect with this new event are that players have the chance to earn Halloween-themed loot from the game’s past three Halloween events throughout specific dates. There’s also going to be new exclusive themed rewards that are lootable from random drops at the end of all matches during the entire event, which include Battle Outfits and a terrifying new Effect. Players can also buy some exclusive Executions and Effects.

New Patch Released

For Honor also released Patch 2.23.0, which brings a lot of changes. One major update that players can look forward to is Ranked. This includes:

  • The Ranked Rewards drop rates have been increased across the board.
  • This change affects all the cosmetic rewards that players can loot after playing ranked matches.
  • Colors, Paint Patterns, Engravings and Symbols can now drop even if a player loses a ranked match.
    • Ornament drop chances have been increased, but they are still exclusive for winning matches.
  • The unlock condition for rewards has been updated and the reference to the seasons in which they were introduced has been removed.

The new patch also lowered the cost in salvage to activate the XP Boost, and these are:

  • 1st XP Boost of the day: 250 Salvage (from 500)
  • 2nd XP Boost of the day: 750 Salvage (from 1000)
  • 3rd XP Boost of the day: 1250 Salvage (from 3000)
  • 4th XP Boost of the day: 2750 Salvage (from 8000)
  • 5th XP Boost of the day: 5000 Salvage (from 15000)
  • 6th + XP Boost of the day: 9500 Salvage (from 15000)

Read more about what arrived in Patch 2.23.0 here.

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