For Honor's Year Of Reckoning Season 1 Is Officially Out

New year and new season.
New year and new season. Ubisoft

For Honor's Year 4 Season 1 is now out and begins a new year of fresh content. Titled Hope, the new season marks the start of the Year of Reckoning. The new season may look like its finally the end of the cataclysm that molded the chaotic events of the game, but it's clear that the different factions are trying to find new reasons to keep on fighting. Expect to see new weapons and armor and even get the chance to participate in new in-game events.

Hope is the first of four Seasons in the Year of Reckoning. Similar to Year 3, each Season has its own theme and offers its own rewards. In addition to new weapons, armor, and in-game events, Year 4 is going to introduce two new heroes. The first one is to be released in Season 2, while the second will come in Season 4.

In addition, beginning with Hope, each Season is also going to have its own Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is projected to have a total of 100 tiers for players to unlock. However, it's only going to offer character customization items along with consumables. Players will still need to buy the new heroes using in-game Steel, as they are not included with any battle passes.

One new thing this time around is that Year 4 is introducing a new way to earn rewards with the Battle Pass. In the past, rewards were typically earned in scavenger crates and random drops after matches. This time, players now have clear visibility on the rewards they can unlock and earn by playing the game.

Like with your usual Battle Pass, For Honor is offering both a Free and Premium track. For the Free Battle Pass, players can unlock champion status, color swatches, embossings, and Steel, among other rewards. For the Premium Pass, there are unique customization rewards that include new signatures, weapons, executions, and effects. That said, Premium Pass owners immediately get access to all Free Battle Pass rewards.

For Honor also revealed that as a thank you to the community, the team decided to work with well-known artists in order to have unique works of art for each Season.

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