Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Releases On PC Later This Year

A new chapter in the Thai-inspired horror title.
Home Sweet Home Episode II will be making its way to PC later this year.
Home Sweet Home Episode II will be making its way to PC later this year. YGGdrazil Group

Two years after its initial release, the Thai horror video game Home Sweet Home will finally get its second episode, as announced by developer YGGdrazil Group.

Home Sweet Home Episode II will be making its way to PC via Steam, same as the first episode, sometime later this year. The first-person horror adventure game works on the same mechanics of hide-and-seek gameplay as Alien Isolation and Outlast, but with the added benefit of being set within the particularly creepy setting deeply inspired by Thai culture and folklore. Check out a trailer for Home Sweet Home Episode II below.

As far as episodic horror titles go, the first episode of Home Sweet Home was amazing, and it received a very positive reception among different outlets and on Steam itself. However, there was a bit of disappointment with regards to the pricing and the fact that the game is relatively short. Additionally, Home Sweet Home is in an episodic format, which is a turn-off for some who just want the experience in a full package.

Story-wise, Home Sweet Home Episode II picks up from the conclusion of the events of the first episode. Tim, the game’s protagonist, still has not found any definite conclusions as to the disappearance of his wife from the first game, but his renewed search this time around could hold some answers – if he can brave the game’s new setting, which is a dark and mysterious forest. Throughout the game, Tim is pursued by the otherworldly and very creepy Thai Dancer.

Home Sweet Home Episode II also ramps up from the first in that there are more enemies and horrors that await you, and some can even be faced in direct combat. To be honest, I don’t know if this will be a good move, as the tension in the first episode was already perfect thanks to how helpless you feel. I hope that the developers can balance this new mechanic with the stealth from the first game, as well as bring some more intuitive and challenging puzzles along the way.

Home Sweet Home Episode II will be released on PC via Steam sometime in 2019. You can play the first episode now on PC, as well as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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