Hollowbody Officially Announced for PC, Kickstarter Launched

Needing nearly $18,000 in additional funding.
Chasing Static developer Headware Games has officially announced Hollowbody, a new horror game set to be released on PC sometime in Q1 2024. Headware Games

Publisher and developer Headware Games announced a new horror title, Hollowbody, planned for release sometime in Q1 2023 on PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and GOG. In addition, a Kickstarter campaign has also been put up asking for £15,000 ($17,368) in funding under an all-in backing agreement; this means that the project will only be funded if it meets the goal by the scheduled date, which in Hollowbody ’s case is October 1, 2022. To celebrate the official announcement, the developer released a first trailer, which you can check out below.

Hollowbody is the second horror title from developer Headware Games, whose previous title was Chasing Static . As seen in the trailer, Hollowbody evokes the essential Silent Hill feel, although with a vastly different approach timeline-wise. The game seems to be set in a distant future, with a cyberpunk city seen from the sky as the protagonist drives a gliding car.

Hollowbody is a third-person survival horror game set in a near, dystopian future, mixing tech, noir, and elements of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and other early 2000s survival horror games. It tells the story of Mica, an unlicensed Shipper working for an infamous ring of black-market freelancers. On what is supposed to be a simple job, Mica finds herself in trouble as she’s grounded in the exclusion zone, a twenty-mile location of death and decay sealed off by towering, suffocating walls.

To make things worse, Mica is not alone in this desolate place, as monsters from before the collapse are still roaming the exclusion zone. Relying solely on her wits and what she has on her, Mica must now fight to survive and escape this hellish place that just oozes the survival horror formula from the early 2000s.

As with the games in the era, Hollowbody features a blend of dynamic and fixed camera angles to evoke feelings of dread and claustrophobia within desolate places. The game will also feature logic puzzles, resource management, and exploration with a limited focus on combat. There will also be full voice acting and multiple endings, depending on how you’ve progressed through the game.

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