Hitman Is Now Available For Google Stadia

Enter the World of Assassination.
Enter the World of Assassination. IO Interactive

Good news for Google Stadia owners: Hitman is now available for the platform. That’s not all, as Stadia players are going to get the entire World of Assassination trilogy. What this means is that players can now get Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, with Hitman 3 releasing later.

In addition, Hitman: World of Assassination is going to be the one place that players can access all three games on Stadia. This is going to be the hub they need to go to in order to play the first two games as well as the upcoming Hitman 3 once it officially launches.

While Hitman 1 is going to be free for Stadia Pro subscribers, players are going to need to purchase Hitman 2. Regardless, once players launch the game, both the menu and UI are going to be in the visual style of Hitman 2.

No matter which game they own, players can get access to the ICA Facility from Hitman 1 as well as Hawke’s Bay location from Hitman 2. For Stadia Pro subscribers who redeem Hitman 1, they can get access to Hawke’s Bay and get to see how Hitman 2 continues on that campaign. Contracts Mode, Escalations, and solo Sniper Assassin missions are going to be available. However, both Ghost Mode and Sniper Assassin co-op are not going to be featured.

You’re probably wondering, why are we all talking about the first two games? What about Hitman 3? Once Hitman 3 is launched on January 20, 2021, Hitman: World of Assassination is going to be updated to include the design changes of Hitman 3. If that’s too long, don’t worry since there are some unique item variants that have been unlocked for Stadia players and are accessible by simply playing each game of the trilogy. These are:

  • Play Hitman 1 to unlock the Sunset Rubber Duck, a remote rubber duck explosive.
  • Play Hitman 2 to unlock the Orange Pinstripe Briefcase, the perfect place to hide your new rubber duck explosive.
  • Play Hitman 3 to unlock the White Sunset Suit , which is certain to impress at any formal gathering.

Pre-orders for Hitman 3 on Google Stadia are going to be available soon.

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