Hitman 3 Has A New Location That Comes With A Mystery

It's a new location with a twist.
It's a new location with a twist. IO Interactive

Hitman 3 is all set to introduce a new location that takes players to a historical part of England that’s know for grassy meadows, winding rivers, dense wetlands, and rocky hilltops. This new location is Dartmoor and it is the second location to be introduced after Dubai. In the middle of it Dartmoor is a manor that comes with its own mystery.

The Thornbridge Mystery is going to be one of the Mission Stories that players can take on in Dartmoor. In addition to playing detective and solving a mystery, players have the full freedom to explore and be able to create their own plans. This new mission is going to offer the best of both worlds: what Hitman traditionally has to offer and a murder mystery. In this one, players take on the role of a detective in order to solve a murder while also trying to find a way to eliminate their target. If that’s not interesting, we don’t what is.

In a post, Hitman 3 Lead Writer Nick Price shared that when it came to missions, Hitman has always been rather complicated due to the many moving parts along with the different characters that players can interact with. With the Dartmoor murder mystery, the team is “dialing all of that up to 11.”

In the mission, each member of the family is a potential suspect and it’s going to be a challenge to ensure that everything doesn’t fall apart while paying around. Price said that this “behavior should be rewarded in a Hitman game, so we have been working hard on making sure that depending on what a player discovers during their investigation, outcomes might differ.”

In addition to this update, developer IO Interactive also announced that pre-orders for Hitman 3 are expect to go live later this month. Once released in January 2021, Hitman 3 is going to be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Google Stadia. The game is also going to be exclusive through the Epic Games Store on PC for 12 months.

That’s not all, as PC players can carry over their current progression and unlocks from Hitman 2 and bring them to Hitman 3. PC players can also import locations from the two previous games into the new Hitman 3.

What are your thoughts on a murder mystery for Hitman 3? What other ways would you like to see IO Interactive play with the Hitman formula? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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