Hitman 3: Go After Elusive Targets This August

Who are the targets this time?
Who are the targets this time? IO Interactive

Last week, the August roadmap for Hitman 3 was revealed by IO Interactive. Compared to previous months, there's not much in terms of activities. That could be because a new update was released the week prior. In a nutshell, this month looks to be all about Elusive Targets.

Let's start with the Elusive Target Arcade, a game mode where players are tasked with taking out multiple targets one after the other. For this month, the new Elusive Target Arcade arrived on August 4, and it brought a twist to this game mode. What's the change? Players can now see a mix of various Elusive Targets from all three games for each batch. So, each batch will have one Elusive Target from each of the Hitman games.

In August, the two new Arcades are The Dyads and the Diabolicals, and those able to complete one Arcade unlock The Ruby Rude Track Suit.

Elusive Target

The first Elusive Target, or should we say Elusive Targets, are The Procurers - the iconic duo composed of Jack Roe and Robert Burk. One is a famous chef and the other an embalmer. Despite the rather diverse field, the two have formed an unusual bond with one another and have made some powerful enemies. It's time to take them out and the clock's ticking. The job started August 5 and you should get them by August 15.

Even before the deadline of the first Elusive Target ends, you must prepare early for the second one. This time it's the Ex-Dictator Richard Ekwensi and his wife Ines, aka "The Gold Digger." They'll arrive in Bangkok on August 12 and stay at the Himmapan Hotel. They won't be expecting you so use that to your advantage; the job should be completed on August 22.

Finally, there's The Chameleon who's back in Colorado. This one's a bit tricky since not only do you need to identify him but also make sure that it looks like an accident. The job starts on August 19 and you have 10 days to complete it.

You can learn more about the August roadmap here. You can also check out the Ambrose Island update here. Hitman 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

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