Hitman 2 November Update: The Final Patch Is Here

It's the final update.
It's the final update. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 announced that its November update is already here and this is going to be the final planned patch for the game. To make sure that Hitman 2 remains to be in a good place for the future, the number and magnitude of fixes in this update is low. This should allow the development team to continue ramping up the work for the next Hitman game.

While 13 months are already in the bank, players have no need to worry as live support for the game will continue into 2020. That said, here are the fixes that arrived with update 2.72.0:

  • Emetic Throw
    • The issue was fixed where the game could crash when detonating the Remote Emetic Gas Device whilst it was inside a briefcase, and then attempting to throw the briefcase at someone.
  • Metal Works
    • The issue was fixed when in Mumbai where Agent 47 would be prevented from entering the roof when dressed as a metal worker, even though he would not be considered trespassing when using a different route to the roof.
  • Detonation Localisation
    • This was a community–reported issue where the detonator for the Remote Emetic Gas Device was not localised in some languages.
  • Mumbai Beach
    • This community-reported issue revealed where items in the Beach Stash in Mumbai were misaligned to the interaction prompt.
  • Usypiacz Tranquillante
    • Another community-reported issue where the Kalmer-1 pistol was using an incorrect name and description in Polish and Italian.
  • Time to Get Down
    • The issue was related to the the ‘Vertigo’ challenge from the Thriller Night Challenge Pack not unlocking in Contracts Mode, despite the conditions being met.
  • Grammar Pirates
    • This community-reported issue is where the pirate map parts in Haven Island were described using incorrect grammar.
  • Russian Haven
    • There was a change made to the localised name of “Haven Island” for players using the Russian language, based on community feedback and input from the game’s Russian localisation experts.
  • Plumber’s Problems (Legacy)
    • This issue was where the ‘Tightening the Screws’ challenge from the Plumber’s Apprentice Challenge Pack would pop-up in-game as completed, despite the conditions not actually being met and the challenge remaining locked.
  • Patient Zero (Legacy)
    • This issue was where players on Xbox One would disconnect from the game’s server after successfully completing the Patient Zero mission in the Hitman 1 GOTY campaign.

You can read the full notes for this last update here.

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