Hideo Kojima's Next Project Is Set To Scare You

Hideo Kojima
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After shipping the celebrated Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima has announced that he has already started working on his next project. He also added that he is scaring himself by watching horror films “to awaken his horror soul.”

Earlier, Kojima himself revealed that he finds it uncomfortable to watch horror movies, but we all know that his struggle did not stop him from creating one of the most terrifying horror games of all time, PT. PT originally served as a demo for an upcoming version of Silent Hill, but this eventually disappeared after Kojima and Konami’s unfortunate split.

PT was one of the scariest video games that players got their hands on. The playable teaser for the game thrusts players into a room with a narrow hallway, which led them to a door. PT was photorealistically real and allowed players to interact with environmental objects like alarm clocks, a radio and a phone. Players were required to find clues within the environment and discover the story of a man who lost his mind and murdered his wife.

Now, the developer of Death Stranding is preparing himself to create one of the scariest games by watching horror movies such as The Eye. Kojima described the experience of watching the movie by tweeting, “As to make the scariest horror game, I’ll watch the scary movies in order to awaken my horror soul. THE EYE is the Thai horror movie I rent when making PT but was too scary to finish watching. The package is scary so I rented the disc only. Will I be able to finish watching?”

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