Hideo Kojima Releases Teasers For Death Stranding, Hinting At New Trailer Coming May 29

'Create the rope,' 'help us reconnect.'
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Death Stranding poster
Death Stranding poster Kojima Productions

In a series of tweets, Hideo Kojima proved once again that he remains one of the most cryptic developers of our time.

It started off this Monday, when a full countdown for Kojima Productions’ upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Death Stranding, made its way to Twitter. The tweet teased that something big is set to happen on May 29, which is day from now. It’s accompanied by the words ‘Create the rope,’ which, if you’re not familiar, is one of the key elements of Death Stranding according to Kojima. It is in reference to a short story by Japanese author Kobo Abe, and his philosophy of humans creating the rope as a tool to ‘secure things one finds important.’ As cryptic as that may be, you can check out the tweet below to see for yourself.

Kojima then followed that announcement a few hours later with a short video teaser. It features a hand imprint superimposed into what seems to be footage from the game, which you can’t make out clearly for now. This has led people to believe that the upcoming big news to drop on May 29 is another trailer or some gameplay footage, if we’re lucky. The words ‘Create the rope’ appear once again, in typical Kojima fashion. Check out the tweet below.

A few hours later Kojima tweeted another teaser video once again. I can’t exactly make out the footage due to it being similar to the first one, but there are some subtle changes to be noted: first off, instead of a single hand imprint, there are now two superimposed into the footage. Also, it is now accompanied by the words ‘Help us reconnect,’ which may loop back to the ‘rope’ philosophy once again as you can ‘connect’ to another with the use of a rope. Check out this tweet below and see for yourself.

Cryptic, ambiguous teasers aside, I am of the opinion that this year will be crucial to Death Stranding and Hideo Kojima overall. The game has been in development for quite some time now, and hype has certainly been building around it. With E3 just around the corner, it’s absolutely worth noting if we’ll get any updates for Death Stranding during the event.

One thing that’s for sure, though, is our coverage of the big announcement happening tomorrow, so be sure to stick around for that.

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