Hex of Steel Update 6.2.1 New Content and Game Changes

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Hex of Steel recently received a new update that added new content. It made some small changes to select game elements.

The developer has added several new "heroes," like Karel Doorman, Conrad Helfrich, and Lev Shestakov. Besides that, more events have been introduced, which are "mostly capitulation" in quick games. These events are tagged under Historical focus only, so players must enable this option in the settings to play them.

The developer nerfed the Mobelwagen, a German anti-air unit with good mobility, that previously had an armor rating of 65. In this update, the developer made the unit slightly less durable.

Hex of Steel Update 6.2.1

  • New event! Spawning unit when losing a VP.
  • Karel Doorman as a dutch naval hero.
  • Conrad Helfrich as a dutch naval hero.
  • Amet-khan Sultan as a soviet air hero.
  • Lev Shestakov as a soviet air hero.
  • Alexander Pokryshkin as a soviet air hero.
  • Kirill Yevstigneyev as a soviet air hero.
  • Izidor Kovárik as a Slovak air hero.
  • Franco Bordoni as an Italian air hero.
  • Mario Visintini as an Italian air hero.
  • Increased the quality of naval counters on mobile.
  • Gave a bit more sense to the stats of new heroes (Fighters having more chance to get air damage and MP bonus than bombers, for example, more chance for visibility bonus for AT units, etc. Just so that the stats of the heroes are more appropriate to the unit’s type and not entirely random and end up useless).
  • Using events, spawning a unit later than turn 1 would give the spawned unit 0 HP.
  • You could deploy any unit right after the country you won the war against capitulated. Like all the infrastructure was instantly ready.
  • On mobile, the highlight ring would not show up on the map when you clicked on an important notification.
  • 2 broken air heroes for the soviets.
  • Seems you couldn’t buy any more units in the store in the map editor.

You can read more about the update here.

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