HEROish Now Out on PC and Next-Gen Consoles

Time for a new experience.
Time for a new experience. Sunblink

A new card-battling MOBA-lite game is available with HEROish, now on PC through Steam and next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Get it for $19.99.

The game was launched in July 2022 and made available on Apple Arcade. A version for Nintendo Switch is scheduled for release this January 2, 2023.

HEROish offers the white-knuckle tension of real-time battle arenas and combines it with accessible and card-based combat that's easy to understand. The game is set in a fantasy land brought to life through a mix of hand-crafted environments, enchanting orchestral music, and humorous storytelling.

There are six heroes available to choose from with each having high combat potential. These are:

  • Flynn Diamond
    • Flynn heals allies and stuns his opponents.
    • He can keep allies in the fight for as long as possible.
  • King Bulvi
    • With his empowering rage, Bulvi can cleave down enemies with his bear-hands and send them scurrying with a mighty roar.
  • ​Lord Marduke
    • Marduke commands demons and hurls fireballs without equal.
    • For him, victory is worth a few sacrifices.
  • Queen Lavinia
    • An expert in dark magic, Lavinia floods the battlefield with waves of skeletal allies.
    • Her spells siphon power from enemies and boost her undead army.
  • Spiderbait and Tiki
    • As master of stealth, Spiderbait can outsmart her enemies using stealth, traps, and her faithful mount, Tiki.
  • ​Vega and Ajaz
    • Quick with her bow and quicker with a whistle, Vega and her loyal hound Ajax can control the battlefield from all distances.

The game offers three story campaigns packed with drama, laughs, and thrilling cinematics. Players can also go head-to-head against each other in 1v1 and 2v2 multiplayer matches.

In a statement, Sunblink CEO and Founder Julian Farrior shared that when the game was first released on Apple Arcade, there was a strong support from the community of players that understood what the studio was bringing to the genre. He added that while this kind of strategic and fast-paced action is sure to delight many, it can be daunting to some. Because of this, they wanted to offer a new experience for everyone through cards and deck-building.

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