Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Now Out on PC and Consoles

Ready to help Zack?
Ready to help Zack? Square Enix

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy, you should be happy to know that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

The game is actually a remake of a PlayStation Portable exclusive released 15 years ago. This latest version brings back the fan-favorite story of the SOLDIER operative named Zack Fair but with a complete HD graphics overhaul of character models, UI and background, and the new soundtrack by none other than original composer Takeharu Ishimoto. Meanwhile, new players and those familiar with the original game can look forward to the fully-voiced dialogue in Japanese and English. By the way, some of the voice actors are also those in the cast of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

What else? There's the updated action combat system with the option to trigger Limit Breaks and Summons. Don't forget to keep an eye out for the streamlined "Digital Mind Wave" (DMW) system.

Overall, it's safe to say that Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion continues to have the spirit of what fans loved in the PSP classic but with modern technology for a more appealing, immersive, and engaging overall gaming experience.

The story of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion starts seven years before the events in Final Fantasy VII. It follows one Zack Fair, a young and optimistic Shinra SOLDIER operative.

Zack teams up with SOLDIER First Class Sephiroth to look for the missing SOLDIER operative known as Genesis Rhapsodos. Along the way, he discovers more about the experiments done by Shinra and the monsters they’ve created. With betrayals and secrets hitting too close to him, Zack questions everyone and everything he knows. He now has to carve his own path as a hero and protect the ones he loves and defend the one thing he has left: his SOLDIER honor.

Action Figure

The Japanese Hero Edition of the game comes with a high-quality action figure of Zack, and fans and players in North America now have a chance to get this action figure. Priced at $154.99, players can now pre-order the Zack Fair Soldier Second Class here.

Ready to help Zack?

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