Heroes Of The Storm Introduces Hero Mastery Rings

A new way to show-off.
A new way to show-off. Blizzard

Heroes of the Storm announced it is introducing a new feature it calls Hero Mastery Rings. This feature hopes to give players another way to show off the mastery of their individual heroes. The new feature arrives with the latest balance update for Heroes of the Storm.

In the past, Blizzard released what were known as Master Skins. The goal of this feature was to allow players to flaunt how far they had made it with their favorite heroes. Master Skins were only accessible when a hero reached level 10 and had to be bought for 10,000 gold. The problem was it came to a point when players had to choose between unlocking a hero or going for a master skin. More often than not, players went for the hero. By the time players decided to get the master skin, they had the option to instead use a different skin.

When Heroes 2.0 arrived, this was replaced with Hero Mastery Taunts. This time when a character reaches at least level 15, the hero's in-game taunt displays a unique “mastery” visual effects overhead.

The new Hero mastery rings works similar to Master Skins in that they are a way for players to show off their mastery of a particular hero. So how do you get the mastery rings? Once a hero you own reaches Level 15, you get the chance to unlock the ability. However, you need to spend 5,000 gold in order to get a mastery ring. Once you get access to the mastery ring, it is going to be displayed in-game as an extra adornment of your hero’s regular selection circle. Once the character reaches Level 25, you get the chance buy an even more distinct ring, again with gold.

Once you decided to buy the Mastery Rings, they are permanent. The ring is placed over the top of the normal hero ring and is visible to all other players while in a match.

The Mastery Ring is available for as many heroes as a player may have. The only conditions are that the hero must reach at least level 15 and players need to buy the ring in order to activate it.

The Hero Mastery Rings are now live.

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