Hero Siege March 2 Update: Bug Fixes, Weapon Tweaks, and More

Hero Siege Update Bug Fixes, Weapon Tweaks, And More
Hero Siege Update Bug Fixes, Weapon Tweaks, And More steam

Hero Siege developer, Elias Viglione, recently released a new update that fixes some annoying bugs and tweaks weapon abilities. The update fixed a bug where the game would crash when inspecting other players, which is quite annoying if you wanted to see what other players are doing.

The update added a new search function for runewords that makes it easier to sort through the list. The developers also slightly tweaked the weapon abilities and relics to make them more balanced.

Hero Siege Update


  • Fixed issues with the "Enemies left" counter
  • Fixed C and B tier drops not dropping on Inferno
  • Fixed Elemental Break having a 100% proc rate, now it is 25% like the other breaks
  • Fixed Necromancer Death Lord skin causing lag when using poison nova
  • Fixed Marauder Unstable Bomb causing major lag
  • Fixed projectiles relative movement to players so it doesn't behave in a strange way
  • Fixed Mercenary issue where you could snapshot stats and then change gear
  • Fixed multiple relic issues with blacksmith crafting
  • Fixed Marauder's Unstable Bomb's from padding
  • Fixed a crash when inspecting players
  • Fixed nomads Vanish causing the screen to stay blurred
  • Fixed many outdated/incorrect tooltips
  • Fixed vague tooltips to make sense
  • Fixed Marketplace's mailbox animation from not working
  • Made some improvements to the minimap
  • Fixed Spell weapons gravity. This means your projectiles will travel further
  • Fix Flask & Projectile fps dependency
  • Fix stash DLC button being always active
  • Fix mouse move not working while tab menu is active
  • Fix relic crafting producing wrong results
  • A ton of crash fixes
  • Fixed a lot of sound clutter (We will filter more of them in the future if some sounds get too spammy)

Auction House & Trade

  • Added search function for runewords
  • Fixed issue on PC and Mobile interaction with the auction house tax
  • Added a pending request in-game popup on trade
  • Added extra layers of security

Weapon Abilities

  • Arcane Fury damage has been reduced
  • Arcane Fury can now only roll on caster weapons
  • Arcane Fury desync fixed
  • Increased proc rate of Wind Fury from 10% to 20%


  • Reduced Storm Dagger proc rate from 36% to 22%, this did way too much damage
  • Changed Token of Luck's magic find bonus from 50% to 200%
  • Increased Bonsai Tree to 3% all stats from 1%

You can read more about the update here.

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