Here's Your Guide to a Cool Watch Party for the Fallout Show

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The new Fallout TV show officially made its debut today on Amazon Prime. All eight episodes were made available so it's possible to binge watch everything. However, for those who want to do it friends, a watch party is definitely in order. Today we'll give you a quick guide on how to have a cool watch party.

Food for the Wasteland

A good watch party should have good food and there's lot to choose from especially if you want it to have the same atmosphere as the show. An excellent appetizer for example would be the YumYum Deviled Eggs. This Vault-Tec favorite is composed of Miso and spice-infused hard-boiled eggs that's been blended and then filled to perfection.

For the entrée, you can try the Baked Bloatfly. This vegetarian meatloaf consists of mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, spices, and BBQ sauce. It's then paired with the Blamco Mac and Cheese. Then for dessert you can get a slice of a Perfectly Preserved Pie. It's a delicious vanilla cheesecake that's been topped with a rather delicate strawberry sauce drizzle and then sealed with the Port-A-Diner air.

When it comes to drinks, it would have to be Nuka-Cherry. This refreshing cherry syrup is mixed with seltzer water and then topped with ice.

If you want more choices for your food, you can check out the Fallout: The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook Gift Set here.

Let's Suit Up

A watch party should have everyone try have some Vault-Tec style. For those who don't have access to a blue and yellow jumpsuit handy then they can also join the party with the latest Pip-Boy. You can get your very own diecast replica here.

Enjoy the Sounds

While waiting for the gang to be completed, set the mood with the sounds and songs of Fallout through the official Spotify playlists. Here are three playlists to choose from and see which one fits the mood that you want:

Meet Lucy

The Fallout TV show is set 200 years after the apocalypse and sees Lucy returning to the irradiated land. She's actually a descendant of the original Vault Dwellers and makes the decision to leave her safe life and learn more about the hostile and savage Wasteland. Taking on the role of Lucy is Ella Purnell, whose previous works include Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016) and Army of the Dead (2021). Others in the cast are Aaron Moten in the role of Maximus and Walton Goggins who plays The Ghoul.

What are you waiting for? Set-up your own watch party now!

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