Here's What's Coming To Twitch Prime This November 2019

What's coming this November?
What's coming this November? Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime revealed its offerings for the month of November, which includes free games. There are also goodies and offers for a number of video games.

For this month's free games, there's something for everyone in the line-up. If you want an out-of-this-world platformer, then there's Planet Alpha. Double Cross is for those who are looking for a futuristic platformer. For those who are in the market for some good old fashioned action-adventure RPG, you can play Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition.

Free as well for this month is the tongue-in-cheek take on the oil rush of the 19th century in Turmoil. Tactical RPG Sword Legacy Omen, meanwhile, is a rather brutal re-imagining of the King Arthur story.

Here's what you can get for other games with Twitch Prime:

  • The King of Fighters ALLSTAR
    • Available Now until Dec 3
    • 10 Battle Card Tickets now
    • 10 Battle Card Tickets on November 4
    • 10 Battle Card Tickets on November 19
  • PUBG Mobile
    • Available November 1 - December 12
    • Three special loot drops arriving November:
      • November 1
        • Infiltrator Pants
      • November 15
        • Epic Level Gun Blood Oath Kar 98K
        • 30-Day Use Token
      • November 29
        • Epic Level Black Magma Parachute
        • 30-Day Use Token
  • Teamfight Tactics
    • Available Now (for a limited time).
    • Little Legends Twin Egg containing two random Little Legends.
  • Rocket League
    • Begininng November 21, Prime member who have clain the first and second packs are eligible to claim the third pack. The third pack contains, among others:
      • Streamer Boost
      • Animated Decal
      • Webcam Topper
    • Those who join Rocket League today can claim their first pack which includes:
      • Nemesis Battle Car
      • Six (6) Nemesis Battle Car decals
    • 27 days after getting the first pack, members can visit the Twith Prime website to get the second pack which features:
      • TP19 Wheels
      • Drude Engine Audio
      • 1 Decal for Nemesis Battle Car

For this month there are also Twitch Prime Starter Packs. These packs contain in-game items designed to help new players get started. Starter packs are available for a number of games, including Warframe and TERA.

Below is the full calendar of what Twitch Prime is offering this month:

  • October 31
    • Teamfight Tactics in-game loot
  • November 1
    • PUBG Mobile in-game loot
    • Free Games with Prime:
      • Sword Legacy Omen
      • Planet Alpha
      • Turmoil
      • Daedalic Bundle
      • Darksiders 2
  • November 4
    • King of Fighters ALLSTAR in-game loot
  • November 15
    • PUBG Mobile in-game loot
    • Fortress M in-game loot
  • November 19
    • King of Fighters ALLSTAR in-game loot
  • November 21
    • Rocket League in-game loot
  • November 21
    • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in-game loot
  • November 26
    • PUBG Mobile in-game loot
  • To Be Announced:
    • Starter Packs for Warframe
    • Starter Packs for TERA
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