Here's What's Coming to Season One of FOAMSTARS

An exciting season ahead. Square Enix

If you're one of those excited for the upcoming launch of FOAMSTARS, we have good news. Square Enix has given us a quick look at what's going to happen for Season One. Titled as "Starry Pop," it's going to feature limited-time seasonal events along with season pass specific content and rewards. It's going to the first for the year.

Season One starts February 6 and runs until March 8. Highlights include:

  • Ranked Party
    • Rise in the ranks by taking part in two limited-time seasonal events:
      • solo player-based Ranked Party Lonestar
      • team-based Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe
    • There are seven ranks to progress though:
      • Bronze Star
      • Silver Star
      • Gold Star
      • Platinum Star
      • Diamond Star
      • Superstar
      • Party Legend
    • Players need to earn enough Rank Points to be able to join in the Rank-Up Trials.
  • Extreme Party
    • Challenge players in two special themed modes:
      • All Mel T Party: Every player battles it out as Mel T.
      • Invisible Party: Everyone is invisible.
    • The first team to score ten chills on opponent players claims the victory.
  • Happy FriYAY Party
    • A weekend-only party event with no winners or losers.
    • It's a way to try-out next season's FOAMSTAR, Coiff Guy.

Event Dates

There's no question that Season One is going to be really exciting. If you're one of those looking forward to it, here are the dates to keep in mind:

  • Ranked Party
    • Ranked Party Lonestar Dates: February 9 to February 26
    • Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe Dates: March 1 to March 4
  • Extreme Party
    • All Mel T Party: February 17, February 18, February 19
    • Invisible Party: February 24, February 25, February 26
  • Happy FriYAY Party
    • First Half: February 9 and February 10
    • Second Half: March 1 and March 2

This is the first of many seasons planned for this year. You can learn more about the 2024 Roadmap for the game here.

FOAMSTARS is releasing worldwide on February 6 and to be exclusive for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as part of the monthly game line-up for the PlayStation Plus in February. Those subscribed to the service can redeem, download, and play at no extra cost until March 4. Those who redeem during this period get to the game in their PlayStation Plus library and can continue to play as long as they have an ongoing subscription. Starting March 5, the game is available for $29.99 through the PlayStation Store and needs a PlayStation Plus subscription.

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