Here's How Twitch Is Combating Ad Blockers

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A few weeks ago, people started reporting that Twitch had been targetting users that were using an ad block tool on the streaming platform. Twitch started to push ads every ten minutes to users who were using an ad block tool. The ad requested users to review their third-party tools that might be impacting their experience. In other words, Twitch was asking users to disable their ad block tool to stop receiving irritating PSA messages.

Twitch is a free platform for anyone who wants to watch their favorite streamers play games. And by being a free platform, Twitch relies on ads for revenue.

Now, it seems that the streaming platform has chosen a different method to force ad block users into submission by capping their stream quality at 480p. The issue became apparent when viewers on popular streamer loltyler1's stream started complaining of low stream quality. This left the streamer confused, who double-checked to verify that things were running fine on his end. Tyler confirmed to his viewers that everything was fine on his end, leaving him and his viewers confused.

The issue was then shared on Reddit, where it was revealed that Twitch was employing a strategy to lower the stream quality of users who were using ad blocking tools.

The Reddit community also quickly discovered a fix for the issue, which involves an installation of a standalone browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox called uBlock Origin. Users who installed the extension reported that the extension got rid of the 480p resolution. However, other sources have also stated that Twitch itself got rid of the uBlock Origin detection script after the latest platform update.

Understandably, ads can be annoying at times, but viewers should also understand that ads are a great way of making revenue without asking users to pay money for the content they are consuming. Twitch being a massive streaming platform, it will take the necessary steps to ensure that its revenue isn't hampered.

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