The Division 2 Guide: Here's How To Obtain Chatterbox P90

The Division 2 unveils planned content for Year One.
The Division 2 unveils planned content for Year One. Ubisoft

In the past, Exotics in The Division 2 have been a lot rarer. They are basically special weapons that come with unique abilities, enabling you to really go beyond the game’s looting system. But unlike before, you have to really make an effort in obtaining Damascus or Valkyrie, among others. And mind you, there is a lot of work involved here.

Perhaps one of the most coveted Exotics in the game is The Lost Chatterbox. The Hyena-modified P90 offers a handful of ludicrous abilities that make it on par with some of the best SMGs in the game. As far as the most attractive feature is concerned, it is definitely the rate of fire.

Unfortunately, as you would normally expect from a powerful weapon, finding The Lost Chatterbox in The Division 2 is a piece of work. Here is a quick guide that should help you with the process:

First, you need to ensure that the crafting bench in the White House is upgraded to its maximum. While this is optional, it is best to have the highest gear score for your Lost Chatterbox. After all the efforts you will go through, it does make sense, right?

The next thing you need to do is farm as many Hyena Keys as you can. Go to the underground tunnels and look for key boxes. Remember that it is random which faction key you can obtain, so it is best to try every Underground until you get a big enough collection of Hyena Keys. You will need at least four them, but the more, the better.

Once you are done with Hyena Keys, it is time to hunt for Hyena caches. These can be found across the game and even within missions, but they are fairly hidden. In these crates, you will be able to find at least three parts: the SMG Modified Mods, the SMG Creative Magazine, and the SMG Loaded Canister.

The final piece of the puzzle is to get the actual Chatterbox blueprint. First, make sure you are at World Tier 4 in order to unlock the Bank Headquarters mission called Challenging Difficulty. Just near the start of the mission, there is a room that somehow shares the same qualities to that of the chairman’s office. On the left side of it, you should see a panel with a keypad.

To get the RFID card, you need to activate the keypad. Once you do, Manny Ortega will speak to you over the comms and ask you about it. It is really important you get this, especially since the door tends to close behind you as soon as you get too near to the bank vault. If this happens, getting the blueprint will be a lost cause.

When inside the bank vault, you should see a long room filled with an array of money. Go to the left side, just near the entrance, so you can see the locked gate. This is where you activate the keypad and use the RFID card to open it. Inside is one last Hyena cache. Unlike the components found in the other caches, this one right here is not completely random. You just need to open it and, voila – The Lost Chatterbox Blueprint is yours for the taking. Just simply ditch the rest of the mission anytime you want.

Once done, take this blueprint with you to the crafting bench, so you can begin the process. Remember that you also need 22 Titanium, 30 Polycarbonate, 69 Receiver components, and at least 812 E-Credits.

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