We Need To Talk About The New Death Stranding Trailer

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A new trailer has been revealed alongside an official release date.
A new trailer has been revealed alongside an official release date. Sony

Like you, I am also trying to understand what Hideo Kojima has created in Death Stranding. There is no doubt it is going to be an exciting game, and the legendary Metal Gear creator really knows how to craft mindboggling trailers.

First, let’s talk about what happened in the PlayStation Twitch livestream. Not only did Kojima release a new trailer, but he also announced the official launch date of the game – November 8. But, boy, that is some real “Kojimbo” right there. I honestly thought that I could get a better understanding of the game after the trailer. I failed.

Now, into the deep end we go.

The new trailer seems to confirm that Death Stranding is indeed going to be an open-world title. And, in one way or another, the game will task players with certain survival elements. For instance, the babies we have seen since the first trailer might be a kind of resource. Then there is the limited oxygen narrative, which is beautifully portrayed by Sam’s (played by Norman Reedus) actions.

I am not really sure as to how the open-world element of the game will play, but it seems to be a major part of the overall experience. Add to this the fact that players can utilize a variety of tools, such as ladders, grappling hooks, and a climbing pick, just to name a few. The one thing I find fascinating about the game (at least based on the new trailer) is the flexibility in terms of navigation.

So far, we have only seen a single transportation vehicle, which is a motorcycle. Given how passionate Kojima is when it comes to these elements, I am pretty sure we are going to get more than just a futuristic bike.

The combat system is not really explicitly featured, but there is a weapon wheel which includes a gun and a retractable ladder, among others. Sam also has a tracking device, or tracking capability of some sort, allowing him to project hologram-like images of objects around him. He even uses it to leave a bunch of blue footsteps (accompanied by orange footsteps, courtesy of an invisible predator).

There are really lots of interesting things in the new trailer, but the aforementioned are the ones I am most curious about. I still cannot figure out what the lore of the game will be, except that it seems to exist in a future version of the United States.

So, what do you think of the new Death Stranding trailer? What theories do you have for this game? Go ahead and share them down below!

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