‘Hearts Of Iron 4: Together For Victory’ DLC Release Date Revealed: Fight For The Commonwealth

Hearts of Iron IV Paradox Interactive

These days there are just more great games I want to play than hours in the day. Typically this results in me picking something up, loving it, put putting it down after a few weeks to keep up with a newer release. Paradox is the only studio that bucks this trend, mainly because of the attention and care they give to its updates. Crusader Kings 2, for example, is four years old and still getting major DLC updates. Needless to say I’m very excited for Paradox’s first update to the massive World War 2 sim Hearts of Iron 4.

The update, Together for Victory , will focus on buffing up the Commonwealth and providing more nuanced diplomatic options. Now, we have a release date. In a press release, Paradox revealed that Together for Victory will launch on December 15th, 2016. That’s this week!

I for one will rush to finish my game where Germany and Japan capitulated to Poland leading to WW3 between the great powers of Poland and USSR, before starting a new game with the DLC running.

Some of the update features, from Paradox:

  • New national focus trees and events for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Raj (India) and South Africa

  • Alternate historical path for each of the Dominions, with options to stay loyal to Great Britain, or forge a new, more independent destiny

  • New autonomy system giving subject states degrees of independence from a foreign master

  • Changes to Lend-Lease allow you to ask your allies to send you desperately needed equipment

  • A Spearhead battleplan command allowing more control over grand encirclements and punching through enemy lines

  • Technology sharing will allow Commonwealth nations to quickly catch up with British assistance

  • Land Battle log Learn by past victories or defeats.  Giving you history over recent battles. and statistics on equipment losses, you can see exactly how your troops are performing.

Beyond all of the added Commonwealth diplomacy options, the ability to ask for lend-lease will make smaller nations far more playable. I’m also very interested in the ‘Land Battle log,’ which gives you the ability to study past battles. Knowing how you won or were defeated could add a whole level of meta-game allowing you to change production to counter what the enemy is throwing at you. This certainly sounds like a beefy update that will drastically change and improve how you play the game. See you on the front on the 15th.

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