'Hearts of Iron 4' Expansion ‘Together for Victory’ Brings Further Political Choices, Changes To Lend-Lease And More

Hearts of Iron IV Paradox Interactive

Massive, life-stealing, grand World War 2 strategy game Hearts of Iron has announced its first expansion: Together for Victory. The expansion focuses on widening the choices of the Dominion of Nations under the British Crown. It will give you further political choices for countries like India, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

Do you want to stay a part of the British Empire or use the chaos of war to push for independence? This will allow for some fun scenarios. In real life Japan courted India to join the Axis, and of course the Indian National Army did fight for Japan. The Expansion will allow more of these what ifs to play out. An Axis India is pretty exciting in and of itself but might also help Japan’s lackluster in game performance.

Below is a features list from Paradox:

  • New national focus trees and events for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Raj (India) and South Africa
  • Alternate historical path for each of the Dominions, with options to stay loyal to Great Britain, or forge a new, more independent destiny
  • New autonomy system giving subject states degrees of independence from a foreign master
  • Changes to Lend-Lease allow you to ask your allies to send you desperately needed equipment
  • A Spearhead battleplan command allowing more control over grand encirclements and punching through enemy lines
  • Technology sharing will allow Commonwealth nations to quickly catch up with British assistance

Honestly, any changes to lend-lease are worth the price of admission if you’re like me and like playing ‘unwinnable scenarios.’ My remaining divisions of Polish troops hiding in the forest will be thankful for any further help they can get.

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