Hearthstone Titans Expansion Launching This August

Are you ready for the Titans? Blizzard

They say that before the age of mortals there were massive beings which knew arcane magic and used ancient technology. Known as Titans, these same beings imprisoned the Old Gods and brought order to the planet. They'll be making their presence felt and showing everyone what they can do when the new expansion for Hearthstone launches August 1.

Titans and Keepers

As part of the Titans expansion, each class gets a Titan. Minions that have the new Titan keyword get three special activated abilities which they can use instead of their usual normal attack. In each turn, including the turn the minions were played, players can choose to activate one of these abilities. Once an ability is used, it can no longer be used again. Once all three of the abilities are used, the Titans now attack normally.

The thing is, Titans didn't really watch over the planet on their own. Instead, they created powerful Keepers and gave them some of their power. It was the Keepers that created, nourished, and protected life on the planet. Because of this, many citizens of Azeroth would worship them as if they were gods. In the upcoming expansion, each class gets one of these legendary minions.


For this expansion, the new keyword is Forge. This lets players experience what it means to have the power of creation in their hands, much like the Titans and Keepers. Cards having the Forge keyword can be dragged over to the deck and upgraded into its Forged form for two mana.

There's also a returning keyword and that is Magnetic. Minions with the Magnetic keyword can be magnetized to other Mechs already in play.

New Signature Looks

The Signature cards in the Titans expansion are going to have a new art style, representing their history, mythology, and grandeur.

A total of 15 different Signature cards will be released as part of the expansion. The Signature cards can be disenchanted for the same value as if they were Golden cards. However, Signature cards can't be crafted and can only be opened in packs, purchased in shop offerings, or earned through special means, like in-game events.

Pre-Purchase Now

Pre-purchase of the upcoming expansion is now open and players have the choice between:

  • Titans Bundle ($49.99)
    • 60 TITANS card packs
    • 2 random TITANS Legendary cards
    • Inge card back
  • Titans Mega Bundle ($79.99)
    • 80 TITANS card packs
    • 5 Golden TITANS card packs
    • 1 random TITANS Signature Legendary card
    • 1 random TITANS Golden Legendary card
    • 1 Diamond Zilliax Legendary card
    • Inge Death Knight Hero Skin
    • Inge card back

Hearthstone is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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