Hearthstone Shadow Reflections Tavern Brawl Guide: Embrace The Darkness

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Hearthstone Shadow Refelctions Tavern Brawl Guide
Shadow Reflections Tavern Brawl BLIZZARD

This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is “Shadow Reflection” and it might be one of the best game modes to date. You can build a deck with any amount of cards and the rest will be filled with copies of Shadow Reflections, which copy the last card you played. You can have a deck with one Arcane Shot and if you draw it early, you can potentially kill your opponent in one turn. On the other hand, you can only draw Shadow Reflections, which can make your whole hand useless for several turns. Some may struggle before they figure out what strategy will work, but it’s highly rewarding  when it does.

In my first few games, I watched a Druid dump a whole hand of Wisps and Murloc Tinyfins and then buff them with Mark Of The Lotus, a Priest that used Dragon’s Soul to fill his board and a Mage that didn’t play an entire card the whole match. The community is really going wild with its decks, trying to come up with the quickest way possible to break this Tavern Brawl. In the first few hours since the game mode went live, there have been tons of popular decks popping up on reddit, but none that have an unbeatable level of dominance.

My personal favorite has to be the combo Priest, that can create giant Radiant Elementals, or OTK with Mind Blast. It’s a bit slow compared to some of the other decks, but when it pops off, it’s a sight to behold. The easiest win condition is to get one of each of those cards in your hand and at least eight Shadow Reflections in order to make an easy kill that’s nearly impossible to mess up. The Hearthstone reddit seems to like this variant the best, created by NitroxDragon:

2x Inner Fire

2x Power Word: Shield

2x Mind Blast

2x Novice Engineer

2x Radiant Elemental


The other easy but still powerful deck brings back one of the most annoying cards to ever be printed in Hearthstone: The Caverns Below. Filling your deck with zero cost minions allows you to activate the Quest as soon as possible. It also gets around the only drawing Shadow Reflections problem since the Quest will appear in your hand on turn one. The Preparations might seem weird, but they are there to make sure your hand doesn’t fill with useless cards and to use The Crystal Core for as cheap as possible. Here’s the deck list, also composed by NitroxDragon:

2x  Murloc Tinyfin

2x  Preparation

2x  Snowflipper Penguin

2x  Wisp

1x The Caverns Below

Deck Import Code: AAEBAYO6AgGGwgIEswGGCbds4soCAA==

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