Hearthstone OTK Paladin Guide: Uther Of The Ebon Blade Doesn't Suck

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Uther, of the dark-ish sword. Blizzard

Hearthstone has nerfed most of its overpowered cards and left a vacuum in the meta. Players are still trying to figure out which deck is the new OP without Corridor Creeper or Pirates to ruin the fun. Decks like Jade Druid and Cubelock still hold on with consistent draws and power curve, but there’s another deck that may be taking the whole crown: OTK Paladin. Players have discovered that the Paladin Death Knight card, which many once assumed was complete garbage, can create combos that instantly win the game for them.

If you’ve never seen Uther Of The Ebon Blade before, here’s something you should know: if you summon four different “knights of the apocalypse” with his hero power, you win the game. Winning outright sounds pretty good, but it’s extremely hard to pull off the combo, if not outright impossible. Keeping a bunch of 2/2 minions alive for at least three turns isn’t easy, especially when you don’t have any real way to protect them. To forgo this weakness, players use Auctionmaster Beardo, which allows the use of your hero power again after using a spell. With enough mana, you can summon all four knights in one turn and win without even touching enemy health points.

To do this, OTK Paladin runs low-cost spells and Burgle Bully, who can add Coins to your hand and allow for even crazier combos. Blessing Of Wisdom and Potion Of Heroism allow for consistent damage and draw, which means you won’t run out of resources in the first few turns. The deck builds on the Aggro Paladin engine popularized at the start of Kobolds And Catacombs , capitalizing on the strength of Call To Arms. To make the deck even stronger, Dirty Rats have been added, making it even easier to hold off until turn nine and the OTK of doom.

Pro players like Asmodai and Stancifka have had  success running the deck on ladder and quickly climbed to the top of Legend in days.

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