Hearthstone Kobolds And Catacombs Dungeon Run Final Boss Guide

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You don't want to lose your head. BLIZZARD

Getting through Hearthstone’s Dungeon Run can be a real pain. The Kobolds And Catacombs’ exclusive single-player mode can be a clusterfuck to clear. Climbing through the first seven bosses, beating fungus-mancers, murlocs and the occasional cleric with nothing more than a bunch of random cards is a feat, but that’s not where the real challenge lies. A true pro can only test his or her merit by defeating the eighth boss, a powerhouse of unbelievable proportions. I’ve had runs where The Darkness escapes with two health, forcing me to queue back up again in search for that glorious card back.   

If you need help getting that final win, Player.One has some helpful tips for you:

The Darkness

Hero Power : Encroaching Darkness (0 Mana) – Summon a 5/5 Darkspawn.

The first boss in this dungeon is based off a card in Kobolds And Catacombs —the Darkness wants to extinguish your light. With the ironic power of Priest, this shade has a ton of spells to deal with anything you throw at him. On top of that, The Darkness has the most powerful passive of any of these bosses, summoning a 5/5 Darkspawn every turn for zero mana. At this point, you should have enough health to soak up some of his attacks, but letting too many minions overwhelm you isn’t an option. Thankfully, you’re armed with four candles that can kill these blobs and it’s important not to waste them. I used my candles on one blob during my first run, which caused me to runout of ammo by the late game. You want to beat this boss fast or you will get overwhelmed and concede.

King Togwaggle

Hero Power: Magic Candle (3 Mana) – Find a Treasure!

This kobold has taunted you since you first stepped foot into his dungeon. Now, it’s time for some pay back. King Togwaggle starts the game with three mana, which allows him to use his hero power immediately. Those artifact cards are extremely powerful: he will be able to kill all your minions, block their attacks, steal them, play all his minions for free and so much more. Togwaggle will periodically use a free spell that deals four damage, so keep that in mind.

This fight is heavily reliant on luck. If he gets every Artifact answer to your cards, there’s no way to win. But there are a few things that work in your favor, mainly the King’s A.I.—he may fill his hand with bad Legendaries or minions, removing all the artifacts and potentially replacing them with Nat Pagles. There’s no way to deal with everything without future sight, but Jades and powerful board clear helps a lot.

Azari, The Devourer

Hero Power: Devour (0 Mana) – Remove the top 2 cards of your opponent’s deck.

Out of all the bosses, Azari might be the easiest. His passive will mill your deck a lot, but if you’ve been playing and drafting smart, you should have no problem dealing with the Warlock demons he summons. Don’t expect a free win, but be thankful you got this demon over any of the other super bosses.

Vustrasz, The Ancient

Hero Power: Vindictive Breath (0 Mana) - Deal one damage to all enemies for each missing Master Chest.

The dragon hoarding his loot is a staple of fantasy dungeons and always a menacing adversary. Vustrasz has five treasure chests on his side of the field that, when killed, will give you a random Artifact. Popping them early isn’t a smart option—you want to make sure he can’t clear your board each turn with his fire breath. He’s going to be buffing his chests and those are the ones you’re going to need to take out, though it doesn’t have to be immediately. Pushing for damage and killing him ASAP is definitely the way to go, but if a chest has been buffed multiple times, you might not have a choice. Having double health from Potion Of Vitality is a must here. There’s no way you can piss off that dragon and get out alive with under 100 hit points.

Xol, The Unscathed

Hero Power: Beam Me Up (Passive) – At the end of your turn, add a Beam to your hand.

The eyeball infested disco ball is annoying, powerful and a pain in the ass. Each turn, a random beam will pop into his hand that can do anything from freezing your minions to killing them outright. Unlike some of the other bosses that use Quests, Xol does it right and quick. Discarding six cards to get two 3/2 minions a turn might sound awful, but not when you’re getting a free extra card in your hand all the time. You aren’t going to beat Xol before he finishes the rite, so going face damage is the right thing to do. His minions are fairly easy to take care of and since your minions won’t stick around long thanks to his beams, trading is also an option.

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